Broncos game:
Steelers 2 TDs & 2 FGs. Losing 13-14 starting 4th. To start, Steelers score a TD in 2 plays to take lead. In the 4th, Steelers scored 6 points to Broncos 17. BB has the ball in his hands late in the 4th down 19-25. BB throws a pick 6. Did I mention the Steelers 2 drives after they take the lead the go 3 & out and 2 plays and that pick 6? The defense forced a TO too. Does the defense have any faults? Absolutely..They gave up that 71 yarder. But they kept them in the game. It was a one possession game going into the 4th. BB versus Manning. BB gave it away.

Raiders game:
Steelers 4 TDs & 1 FG. Winning 31-21 to start the 4th. To start, Raiders score a TD after 9 plays to go 28 yards 31-28. In the 4th, Steelers score 0 points to Raiders 13. After the Raiders pull within 3, The Steelers go 3 plays & fumble. Defense holds them to FG 31-31. Then Steelers go 6 plays for 4 yards & punt. Raiders get in FG range & kick game winner as time expires. So Brown & Dwyer fumble in their territory & Clark gets an INT during the game. AB also had a punt return TD called back. The Steelers score NO points in the 4th QTR & turn it over twice and it is all on the defense? Interesting.

Titans game:
Steelers 2 TDs & 3 FGs. Losing 13-16 to start 4th. To start, Steelers go 4 plays 23 yards to score a TD to take lead 20-16. 6 plays into Titans drive, Timmons gets an INT. Steelers go 4 plays & get FG 23-16. Next possession, Titans tie it up at 23 all. Steelers go 9 plays for 53 yards and miss a 54 yard field goal. Titans get the ball at their 45 and 4 plays later Titans kick the game winning FG as time expires. Where do you want to point a finger on this one…You tell me? BB threw an INT near the end of the 1st half going in for a TD at the Titans 12.

Chiefs game:
Now this was a win & where BB got hurt but I’m going to show you something because you think the offense was getting it going and DL & his defense wasn’t doing their jobs. They were tied 13 all going into the 4th.

KC – 5 plays 11 yards & punt
PIT – 4 plays 23 yards & punt
KC – 4 plays 70 yards TD 7-0
PIT – 3 plays 6 yards & punt
KC – 7 plays 28 yards & punt
PIT – 3 plays 24 yards & FUMBLE at PIT 9
KC – 4 plays 6 yards & FG 10-0
PIT – 11 plays 37 yards & FG 10-3
KC – 3 plays 4 yards & punt to 50
PIT – 7 plays 50 yards & TD 10-10
KC – 7 plays 28 yards & punt
PIT – 1 play 3 yards & end of half

I look at that first half & I see a defense doing its JOB. I see an offense that started slow with 3 wasted series & turned it over inside their own 9 yard line. Steelers were lucky to only be down 10-0 at that point. Then because of a kick off out of bounds they get great field possession down 10 and only get a FG? Then the D comes up big again and gets off the field giving them the ball back at the 50. They tie it up. Then the D steps up again before the end of the half and forces another punt. So where in any of that is the Defense slacking & the offense shining? It isn’t. BB was still on the field. The Steelers get the ball to start 2nd half & they go 3 & out with BB getting hurt. KC’s 2nd half started out with 13 play 55 yard drive that ended with a missed FG. The Steelers D then held them to 4 three & out series where they gained 15 yards. Their final drive in regulation was a 9 play 53 yard drive where they got the FG to tie. How did the Steelers do without BB? 4 punts, 1 turnover on downs at their own 49, & one drive for a FG. To complete a game that clearly was all on the defense, Timmons picks off the 2nd play of OT at KC’s 28 & takes it to the 5 where they immediately kick the FG to win in OT. So where in any part of this game can you point a finger at a the D?

Chargers game:
Steelers 3 TDs & 1 FG. Losing 27-10 to start 4th. To start, Chargers go 7 plays that net 15 yards & punt. BB gets INT on the 2nd play at the Steelers 17. 2 plays later Chargers score a TD 34-10. Game was over long before that. What follows is 2 three & out by the Chargers just trying to end it while the Steelers try and make it look better that it was. Steelers offensive possessions in the first half was 6 punts, a turnover on downs, and a FG drive at the end of the half. The Chargers started 4 of their 7 possessions in the Steelers territory. The Steelers D still held the Chargers to 4 punts, 2 FGs, & 1 TD and only down 13-3 at half. So you want to say the offense couldn’t see the field for 10 minutes because they gave up a TD drive to start the half? Well fire them all. The D was playing on the wrong side of the 50 the whole first half & Crash thinks they should have thrown in a TD or 2 because the offense couldn’t do anything but punt in the first half and that is on the D too. You are a reasonable man or boy…Not sure! So BB throws the fumble return for 6. Ok…Unfortunate. Hard to point a finger at BB & the offense. Down 27-3 at that point and they respond with a TD 27-10. D holds them to a punt. Two plays into that series BB throws that pick at his own 17. What do you want from a defense? Offense is the one responsible to put points on the board. If they are doing nothing but turning it over, punting, and flipping the field for the Chargers O…34-10 is all on them.

Cowboys game:
It isn’t hard to see what happened if you watched the game. Romo this…Romo that…. BB had the ball in his hands to win it…But I will do it for you.
Steelers 3 TDs & 1 FG. Tied 10-10 at half & 17-17 to start 4th. To start, Steelers go 5 plays 36 yards & a TD to take lead 24-17. Steelers D holds them to 6 plays that net 4 yards and they punt. AB fumbles the punt in Steelers territory and the Cowboys go in for a TD to tie 24-24. Steelers next possession is a punt. BB gets it 2 more times in regulation because the D forces 2 three & outs. Overtime…And you know the rest.

Bengals game:
Again, really? You didn’t see BB throw the INT at the end of regulation in his territory?
Steelers 1 TD & 1 FG. Losing 10-7 at half & Tied 10-10 to start 4th. To start, Bengals run 2 plays & Green fumbles recovered by Clark at Steelers 42. The Steelers O goes backwards 23 yards & punts. Bengals go 4 plays and Dalton is INT by Allen at PIT 23. Steelers go 6 plays for 19 yards & punts. Next two possessions they trade missed FGs. Steelers D forces a three & out on the next possession. BB throws the pick 3 plays later and the Bengals have it at the Steelers 46… And you know the rest. You say they didn’t use BB all day but the End of the halves. Hmmm. He attempted 8 passes in the 3rd & 5 in the 1st with the pick 6. That is almost half his attempts. Steelers 3rd Qtr drives were 2 three & outs and a FG. 2nd Qtr drives were 15 play drive that was a missed FG, a punt, and a TD. 1st Qtr drives were 2 punts and the pick 6. I know…You are all about DL costing the Steelers season. Well in the biggest game of the season…His D forced 6 punts, INT 2 times, forced 1 fumble, turned them over on downs 1 time, missed FG drive, and gave up 2 FGs…And also had in 6 sacks. I will be completely honest….It was what DL did & what he had to work with in the Bengals game that convinced me he needs to be here 1 more year.

You want to blame something for the season Crash? Blame BB’s key INTs & the Turnovers on offense. Blame the lack of running game and the inability to move the chains down the stretch. Blame lack of effort on the offensive side of the ball. Just don’t blame anyone named >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>D!CK!