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And where were they in time of possession? You can't give up points when the offense holds the ball Slap.

Case in point, the Eagles game: The Eagles down 13-7 take over with 14:51 left in the game after Suisham's FG.

They hold the ball for over EIGHT MINUTES, and score a TD to take the lead (So that's blowing a 4th quarter lead, AND give back points).

The Steelers then take over with 6:33 left, chew up the remainder of the clock, kick a FG, and win.

Now, someone like you who doesn't realize context of games would say, "they only scored three points in the 4th quarter, and the defense only gave up 7".

While ignoring the fact, that the only 7 points they gave up in that quarter, was the only time they were on the field during it.

This defense is overrated. I would gladly take a 15th "ranked" defense if they forced more turnovers.
Sounds good to me. The Rams are the 15th "ranked" defense and they forced more turnovers. Go be a fan of theirs.