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In Burficts case, NFL teams considered him a problem with off field issues, he was a playmaker on the field but also a loose cannon with several personal foul calls against him.
Marvin Lewis took a chance on him, they were successful, having some discipline now and a pay check, he realizes whats at stake so he plays hard without the dumb penalties that give the opponent new life.

BTW, led the team in tackles. With T'eo, people who evaluate prospects want to see more, if he screws up in the senior bowl, I might consider the taxi squad.
Yes sir know all about Burfict's "problems". He also had a bad combine. Fell from a 1st rd pick to UDFA. Big fall but proved he can still play in the nfl if he can stay out of trouble.
The senior bowl will be interesting. Even then he is still not a practice squad player.