Every time anyone talks about a draft, the first thing they look at is team needs. And then build out the strategy from there. And it makes sense because you don't want a logjam of great players at a certain position. No sense in drafting Pouncey's replacement in the 1st round for example.

But that kinda flies in the face of taking the Best Player Available.

How should a team approach this? If the BPA doesn't intersect with a team need, what should they do? Take the next person they need? Take the BPA? Take the BPA and trade him? Trade out of the pick?

It seems like a very complex decision. And I wonder how Colbert handles it. I think in general, we as fans get a little blinded by need. We want the best NT, ILB, FS, SS, WR, RB, OT, OG, TE we can find to replace whoever we don't particularly like. And maybe that's why we have better success in round 1 and less as the draft goes on. Because in rounds 2, 3, 4, etc we may shy away from a position we've already selected and the options dwindle and need becomes more significant as each round passes by.

I'm not even sure Colbert weights BPA as much as the rounds pass. Each round, BPA loses some weight in the decision, and need becomes more prevalent. And a little desperation kicks in as our choices of need narrows.

Would the Steelers be better served solving need through FA and purely getting the best players they can at any position in the draft. I think that's the goal, just not sure it works perfectly.