My preference would be to retain Batch. He's won some games for us in replacing Ben and he could be of help acclimating a new QB to this offense. This is the year I think the Steelers either draft a QB or pick one up in FA to replace Lefty, but I would prefer to draft one.

I like our position @ 17. If we could get that sure starter picking then, I would go for it, however I wouldn't be opposed to trading our first pick for more picks in the second. My preference would be staying at 17 IF we get a projected starter.
The decisions will depend on who we keep and let go I assume, so it could go either way on how we approach the 2013 draft.

As most of you know by now, my preference at 17 would be NT John Jenkins. Let him compete with Fangupo & T'aAMU if he's not in jail, and move Mclenden to DE. Mclendon IMO is better suited to rush the passer than eating up blocks and stopping the run, I think he could push either Hood or Heyward to the bench. This senario might make a difference in our front seven, at any rate something needs to get done. Our sack totals were dismal for the last two years and need addressed.