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Yes you are correct. And the Steelers have one of the best defensive football players (when healthy), in the entire world who misses tackles like that as well.

Manti Te'o missed a couple of tackles in the open field versus a fabulous running back.

And your point is?
My point is, in the biggest game of his life, against the best talent he has seen...he played poorly. Now people who have invested their egos into tooting this guy's horn are going to be apologists and talk down to those of us who are not "football gurus" like themselves.

My only point is this...I want players who play big in big games. That performace by Te'o was pathetic. And while I'm not saying he isn't a quality player, that performance raised my eyebrow. And I assure you it will raise the eyebrows of many scouts around the league. How many players draft stock jump or fall based upon a Senior Bowl showing? This will be no different.