I would disagree with the blame your putting on the Notre Dame DL. Probably everyone of those defensive linemen will be playing on Sundays sooner or later. That is a very highly regarded DL so T'eo's failures can't be put on them. He was bad all by himself.
Agreed that there is some chance those ND DLinemen will make it to the NFL. It's not a question so much of the quality of the PLAYERS around Teó, more the quality of their play against the Alabama OL. It doesn't really matter if all the ND DL's are set to become Hall of Fame guys- if they were all dominated by the Alabama OL, it'll have the same effect on Teó's play as if they were all Pilsbury Doughboy's.

For LB's to shine, generally, it takes the guys in front of them to open up the field. It's generally the same principle for QB's & RB's... if their OL doesn't hold up, you could have Montana & Sanders back there- they won't be 'as good' as they should be.

Judging Teó on one game is a bad way to judge someone. His body of work suggests he's a quality player.