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The whole NT position is interesting at the moment. Hampton was clearly down on what he's been able to produce in the past. Despite everyone clamouring over McLendon, he couldn't surpass a clearly less effective Hampton- so where does that place McLendon? He might well be a player on the rise, but if his standard right now is lower than Casey's, that's not good enough to start. Ta'amu was obviously drafted to compete for NT, but that mid-season brain explosion could cost him dearly. He's only signed for this year & next on the league minimum, so he's an easy cut if the coaches don't think his head is in the right place. Fangupo, on the other hand, has been signed for 4 years (did anyone know that??).

Casey was paid $4m+ last season- he'd have to sign for no more than half of that, at best, for Chadman to think he's valuable enough to bring back. Given that there are now 3 young NT's on the roster, Chadman is no longer convinced that NT is the #1 priority in this draft (despite there being no real stand out future NT at this point). It might be that Hampton (on say $1m) combined with McLendon & either Ta'amu or Fangupo is the best scenario for next season. If neither McLendon or the successful Ta'amu/Fangupo can show enough to surpass Hampton next season, then the Steelers draft strategy will be forced on them in 2014- but that might be a palatable situation at this point.
My Theory? They are going to see if Mclendon can play DE in the 3-4. At 6'4 with his body build, he may be a better end then nose in the 3-4. That would give them Ta'amu and Fangupo at NT. Mclendon can play the nose on passing downs.

Just a theory.