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Thread: Question for the Draft Junkies

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    Question for the Draft Junkies

    As part of the offseason withdrawal therapy I am starting to get into this draft/FA/Cap process. I had the LB Te'o as the second coming of Seau. After last nights game I dont know what to think.

    He appeared to have football instincts and probably will have good combine/pro day stats but he had difficultly tackling elite athletes and was neautralized to be a non factor.

    Was it because of the surrounding cast? Alabama's gameplan?

    I honestly dont know what to think? Did his stock drop or is the combine the real factor?

    I am not going to beat myself too bad because Arian Foster was missed by every team and Jermarcus (sp) Russell is still collecting a paycheck so even the scouts who do this for a living cant get all the intangibles measured correctly.


    And by the way I am in love with the RB Lacey who looked to be a man against boys last night.

    I also was in love with Frank Tank Summers who I swore would be the next Bettis. Thank you Youtube

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    T'eo showed last night when the ND media machine can't influence perceptions he is probably a late Round 1 or early Round 2 pick.

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    I liked Lacy, but was more impressed with Bama's Offensive line which manhandled the so called great front seven of ND. That line paved the way for Lacy and they were impressive.
    As bad as we could use a RB, I wouldn't pick one in round one, we need to take care of the LOS on both sides first IMHO. You could have Barry Sanders on the Steelers roster but with no blocking he's just an average back.
    T'eo playing on a national stage was terrible. missed tackles, out of position on plays, over pursuing plays, and his stock just went down the tubes. I ralize its only one game but he's not a first round pick in this era of the NFL. Teams are looking for OLB more than ILB to rush the passer since this is a passing league.

    I pass on both of them in the first but I would consider Lacy in round two depending on who else was available.
    Bama's O-line made everyone on that offense better from the QB on because they dominated, when you get that kind of domination you will win most ball games it all starts up front on both sides of the ball.

    D-line & O-line for me in the draft, as I said, most games are won on the LOS lets fix them first then we can concentrate on other positions.


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