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I think Miami's top WR target this offseason will be Greg Jennings (Philbin worked with him in Green Bay). If not him, then perhaps Dwayne Bowe. I'd say Wallace would be his third choice.

It would be interesting (and scary) to see Wallace opposite A.J. Green in Cincy. With Green always double covered, imagine Wallace flying through secondaries in single coverage. The Bengals have plenty of cap space, but Mike Brown is still notoriously cheap. Plus, Andy Dalton doesn't have the biggest arm, so Wallace's biggest strength may go to waste if the QB can't get him the ball deep consistently.

Wallace's best years were with Arians, so the Cards could make a play for him opposite Fitz (for somewhat less than Fitz money, of course). The Cards' QB situation is god-awful, but you'd imagine that potential free agent QB's would all make Arizona their first choice if they had Fitz and Wallace as weapons.
I for one don't believe that Wallace will be back with the steelers in2013, and their is no way that Mendy will be back in 2013 just listen to Colbert.
The one FA that the steelers need to resign is Starks,noone one this team is capable to play LT.