Ruthlessburgher said: "With this in mind, I think the team does what it takes to keep Lewis and Wallace on board (even if many fans on message boards planned to rejoice when Wallace signed elsewhere). They might even try to bring back Mendenhall (who has even less support on Steeler message boards than Wallace"

I have been compiling a bunch of questions based on all these up in the air situations being discussed in numerous threads recently. Of course, that would be 3 of the many facing the team this off season.

1. If the season started tomorrow would Wallace be here? -------Yes-------No

2. If the season started tomorrow would K. Lewis be here?-------Yes-------No

3. If the season started tomorrow would Mendenhall be here?----Yes-------No

I tend to agree with your stand on those tough calls. But only on the part where many fans do not expect or even care if either Wallace or Mendenhall leaves. The best part about that is they are fully aware that both of those players are generally regarded as #1 in their grouping.[me too] Nonetheless if I had to make a guess I do not think either will be here.

I can think of no reason why Lewis would not be here, but even that question is up for grabs.