Not the greatest year for 3-4 DE's, but there are a few options. While the idea of another DE might send a few board members into an apoplectic fit, we have to consider that BOTH starting DE's are UFA's next season...

Sheldon Richardson- Missouri- Round 1- a little short as a 3-4 DE in the Steelers system, but he passes on all the Combin drills- 40 yard (5.02), Bench (30 reps), Vertical (32"). Not convinced he's the best fit for the Steelers at #17 however.

Datone Jones- UCLA- Round 1- 6'4" 283lbs, just about the perfect build for a 3-4 DE. Passes all the Steeler criteria -40 yard (4.80), Bench (29 reps), Vertical (31.5"). Hard to really decide where he lands in Round 1, but if he's available at #17, and the Steelers are not sold on Hood, Jones might get some consideration.

Margus Hunt- SMU- Round 2- 6'8" 277lbs, tall and long, he's got a great frame for a DE. To add to that, he was a Combine freak, topping every Steeler criteria at DE- 40 yard (4.60), Bench (38 reps), Vertical (34.5"). If he is on the board when the Steelers second pick comes up, he might get some very serious consideration.

Malliciah Goodman- Clemson- Round 3- 6'4" 276lbs. Similar build to a young Brett Keisel. Had a good Combine, meeting 2 of 3 Steeler criteria, while JUST missing th 3rd- 40 yard (4.87), Bench (26 reps), Vertical (31.5"). He might be able to help in a rotational role in th short term as he adds bulk. While not convinced th Steelers would grab him in the 3rd, if he was to fall into the 4th...

Lavar Edwards- LSU- Round 4-5- 6'4" 277lbs, almost identical build to Goodman. Like Goodman, he passed 2 of 3 Steeler criteria, but his excuse is different- he didn't perform the Bench. 40 yard (4.80), Vertical (33"), both passed very well. Probably a more likely option than Goodman. Might prove very good value in the latter-mid rounds.

Nick Williams- Samford- Round 7- 6'5" 309lbs, one of the bigger 3-4 DE options, he had a great Combine- 40 yard (4.94), Bench (28 reps), Vertical (33"). Fits the role very well, and could be a very good late option for the Steelers.