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Thread: Chadman's 2013 Off-Season Analysis Thread...

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    [URL=""]Browns | Some believe Mike Wallace will join team [/URL]
    Mon, 11 Feb 2013 12:06:22 -0800

    Some people in the [URL=""]Pittsburgh Steelers[/URL] organization believe that impending free-agent WR [URL=""]Mike Wallace[/URL] will sign with the [URL=""]Cleveland Browns[/URL] this offseason.

    Read more: [URL][/URL]
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    [URL=""]Steelers | Two expected to have contracts restructured [/URL]
    Mon, 11 Feb 2013 10:29:21 -0800

    The [URL=""]Pittsburgh Steelers[/URL] are expected to ask QB [URL=""]Ben Roethlisberger[/URL] and SS [URL=""]Troy Polamalu[/URL] to restructure their contracts this offseason in order to create some salary cap space.

    Read more: [URL][/URL]
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    [URL="'s-contract-too-rich"]Steelers | Willie Colon's contract too rich [/URL]
    Mon, 11 Feb 2013 07:12:49 -0800

    [URL=""]Pittsburgh Steelers[/URL] OG [URL=""]Willie Colon[/URL]'s base salary jumps from $700,000 in 2012 to $5.5 million in 2013, and as a result he's likely to be released in the offseason.

    Read more: [URL][/URL]
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    What we might do next is try & identify what physical characteristics the Steelers look for in a player, by position, and see if there is any sort of pattern to be found there.

    Starting at the top, we'll look at QB. Now, quite frankly, this will be tough to evaluate, simply because they have only drafted 1 QB during the Tomlin/Colbert regime, but we'll look at what Dennis Dixon offered physically, as well as 2 QB's that Tomlin has looked at during draft time- Pat White & Kirk Cousins.

    College- Oregon (PAC 12)
    6'3" 195lbs
    40 Yard- 4.58

    College- West Virginia (BIG 12)
    6'0" 197lbs
    40 Yard- 4.46
    Broad Jump- 9'09"
    Vertical- 35
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.42
    3 Cone- 7.06

    College- Michigan State (BIG 10)
    6'3" 214lbs
    40 Yard- 4.73
    Broad Jump- 9'01"
    Vertical- 28.5
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.50
    3 Cone- 7.05

    With such a small sample to work with, it's difficult to find too many common characteristics to work with, but not impossible.

    Unfortunately for our purposes, Dennis Dixon was injured at this time in 2008 & missed a lot of the potential measurables.

    Here's what we can tell, however- the QB will be from one of the bigger college conferences (Big 10, Big 12, Pac 12), the QB will be reasonably fast (4.5ish is around the mark), the QB should be able to Broad Jump over 9', 20 Yard Shuttle around the 4.5 mark, 3 Cone around the 7 seconds mark.

    Since 2007 at the Combine, these results would put the targetted Steeler QB at:

    40 Yard- around the 5th-10th fastest
    Broad Jump- Outside of the Top 10
    20 Yard Shuttle- Outside the Top 10
    3 Cone- Outside the Top 10.

    So what have we learned? Well, the results indicate that the Combine will give us little indication as to who the Steelers might target. The more likely common thread to follow will be strength of college competition.

    This could be the toughest position to evaluate with statistics.


    40 Yard (4.7s or faster)
    Geno Smith West Virginia- 4.59
    EJ Manual Florida St- 4.65
    Matt Scott Arizona- 4.69

    Broad Jump (Over 9' or 108")
    Geno Smith West Virginia- 124"
    EJ Manual Florida St- 118"
    Matt Scott Arizona- 118"
    James Vandenberg Iowa- 116"
    Landry Jones Oklahoma- 115"
    Colby Cameron Louisiana Tech- 112"
    Brad Sorenson Southern Utah- 112"
    Tyler Wilson Arkansas- 112"
    Marqueis Gray Minnesota- 111"
    Collin Klein Kansas St- 111"

    20 Yard Shuttle (4.5 or faster)
    Matt Scott Arizona- 3.99
    EJ Manual Florida St- 4.21
    Colby Cameron Louisiana Tech- 4.28
    Marquies Gray Minnesota- 4.3
    Landry Jones Oklahoma- 4.3
    Tyler Wilson Arkansas- 4.39
    Collin Klein Kansas St- 4.4

    3 Cone Drill (7 seconds or faster)
    Matt Scott Arizona- 6.69
    James Vandenberg Iowa- 6.95
    Colby Cameron Louisiana Tech- 6.98
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    The next position to look at will be RB. This will be easier to assess if there is a pattern to follow, as the Steelers have selected several RB's during the Tomlin/Colbert regime..

    College- Florida (SEC)
    5'8" 180lbs
    40 Yard- 4.35 (Pro Day)
    Bench Press- 16
    Vertical- 36.5
    Broad Jump- 10'00"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 3.93
    3 Cone- 6.5

    College- Texas Tech (BIG 12)
    5'10" 207lbs
    40 Yard- 4.5 (Pro Day)
    Bench Press- 24
    Vertical- 39
    Broad Jump- 10'06"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.32
    3 Cone- 7.03

    College- Georgia Tech (ACC)
    5'11" 229lbs
    40 Yard- 4.51 (Pro Day)
    Bench Press- 18
    Vertical- 33
    Broad Jump- 8'11"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.29 (Pro Day)
    3 Cone- 7.31

    College- UNLV (Mountain West)
    5'09" 241lbs
    40 Yard- 4.63
    Bench Press- 30
    Vertical- 34.5
    Broad Jump- 9'04"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.35
    3 Cone- 7.23

    College- Illinois (BIG 10)
    5'10" 225lbs
    40 Yard- 4.41
    Bench Press- 26
    Vertical- 33.5
    Broad Jump- 9'09"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.18
    3 Cone- N/A

    College- Bowie State
    5'11" 228lbs
    40 Yard- 4.64

    Ok, so we have a decent sample size to work with here. Let's look at some comparable stats..

    Height- between 5'8" & 5'11". Steelers seem to favour the more compact type RB.

    Weight- Depends on the role they play. Given that the weights vary between 180lbs & 241lbs, it's safe to say that the Steelers are not adverse to either smaller or larger RB's, depending on the style of play they bring.

    40 Yard- Obviously Rainey was FAST. On the other end of the spectrum, Summers & Redman were SLOW. The happy medium seems to be around the 4.4 to 4.5 mark. The closer to 4.4, the higher the player gets drafted. Historically, since 2007, a 'Top 10' 40 time for RB's is around the 4.4 or higher mark. It's reasonable to assume that while the Steelers appreciate speed (Rainey), a more 'averaged' speed RB is not viewed badly by the organisation.

    Bench- Rainey &, surprisingly, Dwyer failed to hit 20 reps, while Mendenhall & Batch put in useful numbers around mid 20's. Summers was the highest at 30. Since 2007, 32 reps has been the highest achieved bench for a RB. Top 10 numbers round out at 28 reps. Given that only Frank Summers fits into the 'Top 10' range, that bench press is not necessarily a measurable the Steelers view essential. Anything around the 23-25 rep mark would certainly be a pass for the Steelers.

    Vertical- With numbers ranging from 33.5 to 39, the vertical jump is a fairly consistant measurable. If you break down the Combine numbers since 2007, the lowest vertical of 33.5 for the Steelers would get Mendenhall into the bottom of the Top 10 for the year. Numbers higher than that certainly jump a player higher up the order. Given that the Steelers RB's are all very good at Vertical's, let's assume this is a prime measurable.

    Broad Jump- With numbers ranging from 8'11" through to just past 10', we can safely assume a broad jump at around the 9' area to be the taget range- higher obviously being better. Given that 10' or thereabouts is generally the bottom of the 'Top 10', it's safe to say that the Steelers don't value broad jump as highly as they do vertical.

    20 Yard Shuttle- Rainey was clearly exceptional running below 4 seconds, but the others seem to fit in the 4.2 to 4.3 range. This drill tests agility & cutting ability, so it's safe to say, this is a drill to watch. Here's a bit of info for you- both Rainey & Mendenhall topped their class at 20 Yard shuttle. On top of that, 4.3 is about the cutoff for the Top 15 in each year since 2007. It's safe to assume that this, along with Vertical Jump, is a prime measurable.

    3 Cone- Again, Rainey was exceptional here. Batch was pretty good around 7 seconds, while the bigger guys (Dwyer & Summers) were not surprisingly, slower at around 7.3 seconds. Rainey holds the record for 3 Cone results at the Combine since 2007. Around the 7.2 range is generally the cutoff for the Top 15, so Batch- had he been invited to the Combine- would certainly have made the grade. Mendenhall didn't test in the 3 cone drill.

    So, what did we learn? Well, the Vertical Jump is a measurement of a player's 'explosiveness', while the 20 yard shuttle tests a players agility. Given that the Steelers value these 2 measurables highest, come Combine time, we can use these 2 tests to get an indication of who the Steelers might look at.

    As a quick reference guide, pre-draft, we want to see a prospect:

    Run around 4.5 or higher.

    Bench around 20-25 reps.

    Test VERY well in the Vertical Jump- around 35'.

    Be competant in the Broad Jump.

    Excel at the 20 yard shuttle. (Between 4 sec & 4.3 sec)

    Excel at the 3 cone test. (Around the 7-7.2 sec)


    40 Yard (4.55 or faster)
    Onterrio McCalebb Auburn- 4.34
    Knile Davis Arkansas- 4.37
    Kerwynn Williams Utah State- 4.48
    Jonathon Franklin UCLA- 4.49
    Michael Ford LSU- 4.50
    Kenjon Barner Oregon- 4.52
    DJ Harper Boise St- 4.52
    Giovani Bernard North Carolina- 4.53
    Mike James Miami (FL)- 4.53
    Christine Michael Texas A&M- 4.54
    Mike Gillislee Florida- 4.55
    Zac Stacy Vanderbilt- 4.55
    Matthew Tucker TCU- 4.55

    Bench Press (20+ Reps)
    Knile Davis Arkansas- 31
    Mike James Miami (FL)- 28
    Christine Michael Texas A&M- 27
    Zac Stacy Vanderbilt- 27
    Michael Ford LSU- 25
    LeVeon Bell Michigan St- 24
    DJ Harper Boise St- 23
    George Wynn Cincinnatti- 22
    Rex Burkhead Nebraska- 21
    Christopher Thompson Florida St- 21
    Kenjon Barner Oregon- 20
    Jawan Jamison Rutgers- 20
    Miguel Maysonet Stony Brook- 20

    Vertical Jump (35" or higher)
    Christine Michael Texas A&M- 43"
    Rex Burkhead Nebraska- 39"
    Michael Ford LSU- 38.5"
    Cierre Wood Notre Dame- 37.5"
    Kenjon Barner Oregon- 35.5"
    Matthew Tucker TCU- 35.5"
    Mike James Miami (FL)- 35"
    Joseph Randle Oklahoma- 35"
    Kerwynn Williams Utah St- 35"

    Broad Jump (10' or longer)
    Michael Ford LSU- 10'10"
    Rex Burkhead Nebraska- 10'5"
    Christine Michael Texas A&M- 10'5"
    Cierre Wood Notre Dame- 10'4"
    Joseph Randle Oklahoma St- 10'3"
    Kenjon Barner Oregon- 10'2"
    Giovani Bernard North Carolina- 10'2"
    Andre Ellington Clemson- 10'2"
    Zac Stacy Vanderbilt- 10'2"
    Knile Davis Arkansas- 10'1"
    Onterrio McCalebb Auburn- 10'1"
    DJ Harper Boise St- 10'00"

    20 Yard Shuttle (4.3s or faster)
    Christine Michael Texas A&M- 4.02
    Rex Burkhead Nebraska- 4.09
    CJ Anderson California- 4.12
    Giovani Bernard North Carolina- 4.12
    Kerwynn Williams Utah St- 4.15
    Zac Stacy Vanderbilt- 4.17
    Montel Harris Temple- 4.18
    Kenjon Barner Oregon- 4.20
    Ray Graham Pittsburgh- 4.21
    LeVeon Bell Michigan St- 4.24
    Michael Ford LSU- 4.25
    Robbie Rouse Fresno St- 4.25

    Nearly all the draftees ran faster than 7 seconds in the 3 cone drill, so we'll assume that nearly all prospects pass this criteria.
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    [URL=""]Dolphins | Will pursue two wide receivers [/URL]
    Tue, 12 Feb 2013 12:13:52 -0800

    The [URL=""]Miami Dolphins[/URL] will pursue free-agent WR's [URL=""]Mike Wallace[/URL] (Steelers) and [URL=""]Greg Jennings[/URL] (Packers) when free agency begins.

    Read more: [URL][/URL]
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    Running the risk of not getting this done by Combine time....busy week ahead... fingers crossed!

    WR's are next:

    College- Florida
    6'3" 208lbs
    40 Yard- 4.53
    Bench Press- N/A
    Vertical- 36"
    Broad Jump- 10'09"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.19
    3 Cone- 6.69

    College- Texas
    6'4" 215lbs
    40 Yard- 4.48
    Bench Press- N/A
    Vertical- 35"
    Broad Jump- 10'08"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.33
    3 Cone- 7.14

    College- Mississippi
    6'1" 199lbs
    40 Yard- 4.28
    Bench Press- 14
    Vertical- 40"
    Broad Jump- 10'09"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.27
    3 Cone- 6.90

    College- Central Michigan
    5'10" 186lbs
    40 Yard- 4.56
    Bench Press- 13
    Vertical- 33.5"
    Broad Jump- 8'09"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.18
    3 Cone- 6.98

    College- Southern Methodist
    5'11" 186lbs
    40 Yard- 4.40
    Bench Press- 12
    Vertical- 39.5"
    Broad Jump- 10'06"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.10
    3 Cone- 6.64

    College- Colorado
    6'2" 210lbs
    40 Yard- 4.40
    Bench Press- 11
    Vertical- 36"
    Broad Jump- 10'08"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.33
    3 Cone- 6.93

    Breaking down these figures:

    Size- contrary to popular belief, the Steelers have not focussed on shorter WR's, and have, in fact, under Tomlin/Colbert drafted more guys above 6' than under. That said, obviously they are not totally AGAINST drafting shorter players.

    40 Yard- This is certainly one measurable to follow. Mike Wallace, Emmanual Sanders & Toney Clemons all finished in the top top 10 for their draft class in terms of 40 yard speed. Wallace is 5th overall since 2007. That Limas Sweed was drafted by the Steelers at all proves that 40 yard time is viewed, as all his other measurables fall short as far as Steeler history go. Dallas Baker & Antonio Brown are the only WR's not to break 4.5 & be drafted by the Steelers- and not surprisingly, both were drafted late.

    Bench Press- None of the Steeler WR's even come close to a top 15 finish, so it's safe to say this is not a highly sought measurable.

    Vertical- Here's one to follow. For every year that the Steelers have drafted a WR, the player selected has been either in, or just outside of, the top 15 WR's for the Vertical Jump. Both Sanders & Wallace were exceptional. Amazingly, our highest paid WR is the one that is the exception to the rule, once again. Jumping a vertical of around 35" is something to watch for. Interestingly- recently aquired WR Kashif Moore holds the Vertical record since 2007 with a jump of 43.5"- more fuel to the fire on this measurable.

    Broad Jump- Mark this one down too. Sanders was #1 in his year, Wallace #4, Baker #6, Kashif Moore #4. Sweed & Clemons fell just short of the top 15, and again, Antonio Brown missed the mark (geez, he must have interviewed well!). Watch this drill closely- as Steeler WR targets come from high finishes, often. Look for something at 10' 05" or so as the guide.

    20 Yard Shuttle- Kashif Moore is 10th overall since 2007 (4.05). Sanders once again tested off the charts in this drill, and finally Brown gets into the act, along with Dallas Baker. Surprisingly, Wallace missed the Top 15 (not by much though), perhaps giving some depth to the argument he is more of a straight line guy than agile. It's becoming increasingly unbelievable that Limas Sweed was ever drafted.. Given that the Steelers have 4 of the best 20 Yard Shuttle results drafted, let's put this down as another measurable to follow. Something in the 4.2 & lower range, certainly no higher.

    3 Cone- Sanders sits 9th overall since 2007, and 2nd in his draft class. Mike Wallace got in at #15 for his year. Dallas Baker was 5th. Kashif Moore was 5th last year (6.82). Brown & Clemons were a little slower, and not surprisingly, drafted late. Sweed..... the figures don't look good for Sweed. This looks to be a moderate level measurable, like 40 yard, for the Steelers. It certainly doesn't hurt to be good here, put it that way.

    A Recap of what to look for:

    Size- Doesn't matter.
    40 Yard- 4.5 or lower is preferrable
    Bench- Don't bother watching.
    Vertical- PRIORITY- Look for WR's that jump 35" or more.
    Broad Jump- PRIORITY- Anything beyond 10'05" is interesting.
    20 Yard Shuttle- PRIORITY- 4.2 seconds or lower is the target range.
    3 Cone- 6.9 or lower is preferrable.

    WR's to watch for should get high scores in at least 2 of Vertical, Broad & 20 yard. Look at the Top 10 or so guys in each of these.

    Then take those players, and sift them through the 3 Cone & 40 Yard.

    If a WR doesn't about 3 of the marks here, it's safe to remove them from your lists... unless the Steelers go all Limas Sweed on us again..


    40 Yard (4.5s or faster)
    Marquise Goodwin Texas- 4.27
    Tavon Austin West Virginia- 4.34
    Ryan Swope Texas A&M- 4.34
    Josh Boyce TCU- 4.38
    Kenny Stills Oklahoma- 4.38
    Cordarelle Patterson Tennessee- 4.42
    Corey Fuller Virginia Tech- 4.43
    Denard Robinson Michigan- 4.43
    Justin Hunter Tennessee- 4.44
    Markus Wheaton Oregon St- 4.45
    Mark Harrison Rutgers- 4.46
    Lanear Sampson Baylor- 4.46
    Tavarres King Georgia- 4.47
    Ryan Spadola Lehigh- 4.48
    Tyrone Goard East Kentucky- 4.50

    Vertical Jump (35" or higher)
    Marcus Davis Virginia Tech- 39.5"
    Justin Hunter Tennessee- 39.5"
    DaRick Rogers Tennessee Tech- 39.5"
    Mark Harrison Rutgers- 38.5"
    Cordarelle Patterson Tennessee- 37"
    Ryan Swope Texas A&M- 37"
    Markus Wheaton Oregon St- 37"
    Tavarres King Georgia- 36.5"
    Denard Robinson Michigan- 36.5"
    Tyrone Goard East Kentucky- 36"
    DeAndre Hopkins Clemson- 36"
    TJ Moe Missouri- 36"
    Chris Harper Kansas St- 35.5"

    Broad Jump (10'3" or higher)
    Justin Hunter Tennessee- 11'4"
    Marquise Goodwin Texas- 11'
    DaRick Rogers Tennessee Tech- 11'
    Josh Boyce TCU- 10'11"
    Mark Harrison Rutgers- 10'9"
    Cordarelle Patterson Tennessee- 10'8"
    Ryan Swope Texas A&M- 10'5"
    Conner Vernon Duke- 10'5"
    Kenny Stills Oklahoma- 10'4"
    Tyrone Goard East Kentucky- 10'3"
    Tavarres King Georgia- 10'3"
    Aaron Mellette Elon- 10'3"
    Denard Robinson Michigan- 10'3"

    20 Yard Shuttle (4.2s or faster)
    TJ Moe Missouri- 3.96
    Tavon Austin West Virginia- 4.01
    Quinton Patton Louisianna Tech- 4.01
    Markus Wheaton Oregon St- 4.02
    DaRick Rogers Tennessee Tech- 4.06
    Rodney Smith Florida St- 4.07
    Ryan Spadola Lehigh- 4.07
    Stedman Bailey West Virginia- 4.09
    Josh Boyce TCU- 4.10
    Alan Bonner Jacksonville- 4.15

    3 Cone Drill (6.9s or faster)
    TJ Moe Missouri- 6.53
    Marquess Wilson Washington St- 6.65
    Josh Boyce TCU- 6.68
    DaRick Rogers Tennessee Tech- 6.71
    Ryan Spadola Lehigh- 6.72
    Ryan Swope Texas A&M- 6.76
    Markus Wheaton Oregon St- 6.80
    Stedman Bailey West Virginia- 6.81
    Ace Sanders South Carolina- 6.81
    Kenbrell Thompkins Cincinnatti- 6.88
    Chris Harper Kansas St- 6.89
    Tyrone Goard East Kentucky- 6.90
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    Moving forward, we'll now take a look at the Steelers OL draft choices under Tomlin/Colbert.

    OG Cameron Stephenson
    College- Rutgers
    6'3" 306lbs
    40 Yard- 5.40
    Bench- 34 (Tied 3rd at Combine)
    Vertical- 28.5" (Equal 13th)
    Broad- 8'05"
    3-Cone- 7.72
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.81

    OT Tony Hills
    College- Texas
    6'5" 309lbs
    40 Yard- 5.16
    Bench- 24
    Vertical- DNP
    Broad- DNP
    3-Cone- DNP
    20 Yard Shuttle- DNP
    (Hills was recovering from a significant lower leg injury & was limited in his workouts)

    OG Kraig Urbik
    College- Wisconsin
    6'5" 328lbs
    40 Yard- 5.37
    Bench- 29 (Equal 14th)
    Vertical- 24"
    Broad- 7'10"
    3-Cone- 7.87
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.89

    OC A.Q. Shipley
    College- Penn St
    6'1" 304lbs
    40 Yard- 5.19
    Bench- 33 (Equal 4th)
    Vertical- 31" (Equal 6th)
    Broad- 8'04"
    3-Cone- 7.46 (Equal 4th)
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.40 (Equal 2nd)

    OC Maurkice Pouncey
    College- Florida
    6'5" 304lbs
    40 Yard- 5.25
    Bench- 25
    Vertical- 27"
    Broad- 7'11"
    3-Cone- 7.74
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.92

    OG Chris Scott
    College- Tennessee
    6'5" 319lbs
    40 Yard- 5.52
    Bench- 19
    Vertical- 22.5"
    Broad- 7'06"
    3-Cone- 8.24
    20 Yard Shuttle- 5.03

    OT Marcus Gilbert
    College- Florida
    6'6" 330lbs
    40 Yard- 5.41
    Bench- 30 (Equal 6th)
    Vertical- 30.5" (Equal 8th)
    Broad- 8'02"
    3-Cone- DNP
    20 Yard Shuttle- 5.02

    OG Keith Williams
    College- Nebraska
    6'4" 314lbs
    40 Yard- 5.28
    Bench- 23
    Vertical- 24.5"
    Broad- 7'09"
    3-Cone- 8.42
    20 Yard Shuttle- 5.03


    OG David DeCastro
    College- Stanford
    6'5" 315lbs
    40 Yard- 5.43
    Bench- 34
    Vertical- 29.5"
    Broad- 8'02"
    3 Cone- 7.3
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.56

    OT Mike Adams
    College- Ohio St
    6'7" 323lbs
    40 Yard- 5.40
    Bench- 19
    Vertical- 28.5"
    Broad- 8'04"
    3 Cone- 7.94
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.95

    OT Kelvin Beachum
    College- Souther Methodist
    6'3" 303lbs
    40 Yard- 5.44
    Bench- 19
    Vertical- 28.5"
    Broad- 8'05"
    3 Cone- 7.79
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.80

    40 Yard- No Steeler OL drafted has made the all-time top 15 OL. It's safe to say the Steelers have very little interest in watching fat men run.

    Bench- DeCastro, Stephenson, Gilbert & Shipley all broke the top 15 OL in bench press in their respective classes. On the other hand, Beachum, Adams & Scott couldn't break 20 reps. This looks a more likely stat to follow for Interior OL moreso that OT's.

    Vertical- Only DeCastro & Shipley broke into the top guys for their years. safe to assume this is not an important stat to follow.

    Broad- No Steeler draft pick broke the top 15 in any of their years.

    3 Cone- DeCastro is 6th overall since 2007. 1st overall in his year. Shipley is the only other Steeler draft pick to feature.

    20 Yard Shuttle- Shipley is 6th overall. Not surprisingly, the only other Steeler to feature is... DeCastro.

    What this tells us is that, more than any other position, OL measurables are not as important to the Steelers as game tape, interviews & drills.

    Offensive Tackles

    • [URL=""]Reid Fragel[/URL], OT, Ohio State: 33 reps
    • [URL=""]Vinston Painter[/URL], OT, Virginia Tech: 32
    • Terron Armstead, OT, Arkansas-Pine Bluff: 31
    • Luke Marquardt, OT, Asuza-Pacific: 31
    • [URL=""]J.C. Tretter[/URL], OT, Cornell: 29
    • [URL=""]David Bakhtiari[/URL], OT, Colorado: 28
    • Rogers Gaines, OT, Tennessee State: 28
    • [URL=""]Garrett Gilkey[/URL], OT, Chadron State: 28
    • Lane Johnson, OT, Oklahoma: 28
    • Luke Joeckel, OT, Texas A&M: 27 reps
    • Eric Fisher, OT, Central Michigan: 27
    • [URL=""]David Quessenberry[/URL], OT, San Jose State: 25
    • [URL=""]Manase Foketi[/URL], OT, West Texas A&M: 25
    • Jason Weaver, OT, Southern Miss: 23
    • D.J. Fluker, OT, Alabama: 21
    • [URL=""]Ricky Wagner[/URL], OT, Wisconsin: 20
    • [URL=""]Mark Jackson[/URL], OT, Glenville State: 20
    • [URL=""]Jamaal Johnson[/URL]-Webb, OT, Alabama A&M: 17

    Offensive Guards

    • Eric Herman, OG, Ohio: 36 reps
    • [URL=""]Jonathan Cooper[/URL], OG, 35
    • Lamar Mady, OG, Youngstown State: 35
    • [URL=""]Zach Allen[/URL], OG, North Carolina State: 32
    • [URL=""]Chris Barker[/URL], OG, Nevada: 29
    • [URL=""]Larry Warford[/URL], OG, Kentucky: 28
    • Edmund Kugbila, OG, Valdosta State: 23
    • [URL=""]Brian Winters[/URL], OG, Kent State: *unable to finish due to strained pectoral


    • [URL=""]T.J. Johnson[/URL], OC, South Carolina: 32 reps
    • [URL=""]Brian Schwenke[/URL], OC, California: 31
    • PJ Lonergan, OC, LSU: 25
    • [URL=""]Khaled Holmes[/URL], OC, USC: *unable to finish due to strained pectoral
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    Next Up, we'll look at NT..

    Casey Hampton
    College- Texas
    6'1" 314lbs
    40 Yard- 5.25
    Bench- 34 Reps

    Steve McLendon
    College- Troy
    6'2" 306lbs
    40 Yard- 5.15
    Bench- 31 Reps
    Vertical- 29.5"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.45
    3-Cone- 7.35

    Alameda Ta'amu
    College- Washington
    6'3" 248lbs
    40 Yard- 5.37
    Bench- 35
    Vertical- 26"
    Broad- 8'07"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.72
    3 Cone- 7.52

    Hebron Fangupo
    College- BYU
    6'1" 323lbs
    40 Yard- 5.18
    Bench- 36
    Vertical- 31.5"
    Broad- 8'03"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.62
    3 Cone- 7.94

    Although it seems unlikely the Steelers will explore the NT option this draft, it's not completely off the radar either. What is more interesting is the success we had with this 'history system' last season- we concluded that the Steelers look for NT's that are 6'1"- 6'3", sit between 300lbs- 340lbs, lift the bench at minimum 30+, have a Vertical around the 30" range & run the 3 Cone in and around 7.35.

    In all the Combine results, Fangupo & Ta'amu were within one to 2 names of being right on the mark- sometimes better, sometimes just a touch worse.

    If the Steelers are to look at a NT, the Combine numbers we looked at last year would seem the likely ones to follow again.


    BENCH: (30+ Reps)
    Brandon Williams- Missouri Southern St- 38
    Akeem Spence- Illinois- 37
    Josh Boyd- Mississippi St- 32
    John Jenkins- Georgia- 30
    Chris Jones- Bowling Green- 30
    Bennie Logan- LSU- 30
    Sheldon Richardson- Missouri- 30
    Jesse Williams- Alabama- 30

    VERTICAL JUMP: (27" or higher)
    Nick Williams- Samford- 33"
    Jared Smith- New Hampshire- 32.5"
    Sheldon Richardson- Missouri- 32"
    Everett Dawkins- Florida St- 30"
    Sharrif Floyd- Florida- 30"
    Akeem Spence- Illinois- 30"
    Brandon Williams- Missouri Southern St- 29.5"
    Cory Grissom- South Florida- 27.5"

    3 CONE DRILL: (7.6 or faster)
    Josh Boyd- Mississippi St- 7.16
    Jared Smith- New Hampshire- 7.20
    Chris Jones- Bowling Green- 7.34
    Sharrif Floyd- Florida- 7.40
    Jared Hill- Penn St- 7.49
    Bennie Logan- LSU- 7.53
    Nick Williams- Samford- 7.55
    Johnathan Hankins- Ohio St- 7.59
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    Early Addition Mock (3 Round Version)

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    1. DaRon Payne
    2. Josey Jewell
    3 Kerryon Johnson

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    And moving on- DE

    1. Cameron Heyward- 2011
    6'5" 295lb
    40 Yard- 4.95
    Vertical- 35"

    Cameron was recovering from surgery and was, as a result, unable to perform certain tasks. Of note- both Mike Tomlin & Bad Word LeBeau attended his Pro Day.

    2. Doug Worthington- 2010 7th Round pick
    6'5" 292lb
    40 Yard- 5.02
    Bench- 19 Reps
    Vertical- 35.5"
    Broad- 10'01"

    3. Ziggy Hood- 2009 1st Round pick
    6'3" 300lb
    40 Yard- 4.83
    Bench- 34 Reps (4th at Combine)
    Vertical- 33" (12th at Combine)
    Broad- 9'00"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.55
    3 Cone- 7.50

    4. RaShon Harris- 2009 6th Round pick
    6'4" 298lb
    40 Yard- 5.05
    Bench- 28 Reps
    Vertical- 25.5"
    Broad- 10'06"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.87
    3 Cone- 8.18

    5. Ryan McBean- 2007 4th Round pick
    6'5" 286lb
    40 Yard- 4.98
    Bench- 27 reps
    Vertical- 28"
    Broad- 9'00"
    20 Yard Shuttle- 4.46
    3 Cone- 7.79

    6'5"ish is about the right height for a Steelers DE. Add to these players Aaron Smith & Brett Keisel, and the trend continues.

    Add to the height, a weight of around 290lb-300lb is ideal. Again, when you include both Smith & Keisel you start to see a trend.

    Speed-wise, it seems that around 5.00 is acceptable for the Steelers. It's quite possible that this stat means very little.

    Bench- It would appear a mark of high 20's to 30's is about the target. Interesting that Ziggy should have the highest Rep count- we don't assosciate Ziggy with his playing strength in general, but we all know he is weight room strong

    Vertical- both the vertical & broad jump should indicate a level of explosiveness. No surprise that both Hood & Heyward excelled here, where later round picks like Harris & McBean were not as impressive.

    Broad- See Vertical. Ziggy didn't jump as well as the Steelers seem to like- but could this be partly due to being shorter & stumpy?

    20 Yard Shuttle & 3-Cone- These tests tend to try & show agility. No surprise that Ziggy should test well here as he seems quite shifty in his play. Surprisingly...or perhaps not seeing as how he now starts for the Broncos- Ryan McBean was not far off Hood on measurables.

    So what did we learn? Steelers 3-4 DE's should be up around the 6'5", 290lb area, be able to run at around 5.00, bench around 27-30 (higher is good), jump up around 30". Higher the jump- higher the draft round. That appears to be the main criterea for Steelers 3-4 DE draft picks.

    COMBINE RESULTS 2013: (A couple of players that appeared under NT may reappear in the DE Stats. Only players 275lbs & higher will be considered options as 3-4 DE. Only players 6'3" & taller will be considered DE.)

    40 YARD- (5.00 or faster)
    Margus Hunt- SMU- 4.60
    Datone Jones- UCLA- 4.80
    Lavar Edwards- LSU- 4.80
    Malliciah Goodman- Clemson- 4.87
    Shariff Floyd- Florida- 4.92
    Nick Williams- Samford- 4.94
    William Gholston- Clemson- 4.96

    BENCH: (27 Reps or Higher)
    Margus Hunt- SMU- 38
    Datone Jones- UCLA- 29
    Jared Smith- New Hampshire- 28
    Nick Williams- Samford- 28

    VERTICAL: (30" or higher)
    Margus Hunt- SMU- 34.5"
    Lavar Edwards- LSU- 33"
    Nick Williams- Samford- 33"
    Jared Smith- New Hampshire- 32.5"
    Malliciah Goodman- Clemson- 31.5"
    Datone Jones- UCLA- 31.5"
    Shariff Floyd- Florida- 30"
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    1. DaRon Payne
    2. Josey Jewell
    3 Kerryon Johnson


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