supersteeler said: "I wouldn't draft a WR in round one, I want a dominate O-lineman who can start day one."

Ol is always a possible candidate for the #1 pick. This year it has competition from WR, DL, ILB/OLB, RB, SS/FS/, CB, and lesser competition at this time from TE, FB, or QB.

One more question for Chadman: There seems to be a lull in the FA area. Is the following correct.

Can teams sign at this time until the March contract expiration any of their own FA's.?

Then at 1sec after midnight on the day FA signing starts----Could any one of the 22 Steeler FA's listed on pg1 in the thread be signed by anyone?

Also: Sandwiched in on pages 1-3 which covered just about everything for all of us to become mini-Colberts
was a short post dated like 1-07-2013 about TS talking to FS Cyprien at the Senior Bowl.
Whoa I'm thinking Does Chadman have a crystal ball or what? The game was just played last week. Okay, I do see it was in the Draft-Rumors, Visits, stuff which will get going heavier with the Combines coming up soon. I will be looking for that stuff for sure.

Never before did I notice there was a search the thread feature here. I started a serious reply to supersteelers post and was looking for a post I saw where someone made a real good case why TS would probably not draft another OL rd 1. I did not find it so I cancelled the reply. But It was just not in this thread and was somewhere else otherwise I would have surely found it.