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Agree with alot of what you say there. Cutting Colon is a tough one. Is he overpriced? Yeah, sure... most likely. Thing is, cutting Colon means another spot to fill on the roster, but only saving just over a million. (Unless after June 1- then yes, a much bigger saving). The other thing to keep in mind with Colon is, if you cut him, the Steelers almost are forced to try & sign Foster, who would cost what? $1.5m a year? $2? More than the savings on Colon- that's for sure. If Colon, Starks & Foster are cut from the roster- the OL is almost too young, and do we really believe the Steelers will put all their eggs in Kelvin Beachum's basket just yet?

The Cap situation might almost dictate that Colon 'needs' to stay, in order to get some value from his roster spot in 2013.

James Harrison might very well 'do a Hampton' & take a paycut. That would just about be ideal, giving Worilds one more season to work his way into a starting role. Alot will depend on the Steelers desire to get younger, but Harrison, like Troy, might be one of those guys that you just have to hold on to.

Unless a major cut- Harrison, Taylor, Polamalu, Clark or even... gulp... Heath Miller happens, Chadman can't see how Lewis can be afforded. The FA market is pretty bare, and Lewis will be one of the more marquee signings available. The Steelers can't compete with that. How ruthless is the Steelers FO prepared to be?

Pretty much resigned to saying goodbye to Starks..
Colon needs to be cut even if it saves just 1.5. Enough is enough already with that guy. Cut your loses and move on. If nothing else, it opens up a roster spot for a future player such as a draft pick and/or UDFA..