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    Alright, let's get this thing started properly. First, we'll look at the play of the QB's this season, and see where we are at with that position.

    BEN ROETHLISBERGER: (Under Contract)
    13 games started, 7 wins 6 losses, 284 completions 449 attempts (63.3%), 3,265 yards, 26 TD's 8 INT's, 30 sacks.

    Prior to his injury, Ben was having an outstanding season. Even factoring in a 'bad turn' towards the back end of the year (post-injury), Ben still, statistically, was great. Despite reports that he was at odds with Haley over the offense, it certainly looks like the offense agreed with Ben. The losses to the Chargers, Cowboys & Bengals were all post-injury & it's quite believable that had Ben been fit, these would have been W's instead of L's. Too many crucial turnovers late in the season- a complete contrast to the Ben we had at the beginning of the year. He's clearly the #1 QB on this roster, and if we can get those sack numbers down, and keep him healthy, Chadman expects that Ben could have an outstanding 2013.

    2 games started, 1 win 1 loss, 45 completions 75 attempts (64.3%), 475 yards, 1 TD 4 INT's, 3 sacks.

    Charlie had 1 abysmal game (Cleveland.... nobody ever talk about Cleveland) & followed that up with a heroic victory over the Ravens. He's an efficient, clever QB, without any significant arm power or ability to move around much. He is, however, 1 million years old. How long can he go for? Chadman is pretty convinced that the Steelers should entertain the idea of bringing him back to be the #2 QB next year (officially) but really serving as Ben's sounding-board & the mentor for any new QB brought into Pittsburgh. He'd cost vet minimum to bring back.

    1 game started, 0 wins 1 loss, 25 completions 53 attempts (47.2%), 272 yards, 0 TD's 1 INT, 3 sacks.

    Byron stepped in after Ben got hurt, and was clearly out of sync in the fill-in role. His next game start was better, but not great. Leftwich is about 6 years younger than Charlie Batch, and has experience in Pittsburgh under his belt. To be honest, Chadman quite likes him. He's a talented QB, even if he has that slow release. He has a genuine cannon arm. He's about as mobile as Charlie, but a little less accurate.

    No doubt, Ben was great in the first half of the season. There is no reason to believe that, should the OL keep him upright, that he can't be just as great next season. The real question at QB is what to do about the back-up spot. Chadman has no doubt that at least 1, or perhaps even both of Batch & Leftwich will be back in Training Camp. 1 of these guys should probably serve as the back-up QB next season- but not both. At some point, the Steelers will need a younger guy, if only to serve as career back-up. Would not be surprised to see a "future contract" QB signed, like the way Troy Smith & Jerrod Johnson were brought in last season.
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