I honestly don't think we can make the case that he is among the best any longer. At one time, we used to gripe that all he did was win, and that he might not put up gaudy #s, but he was as good as any QBs when it came to winning.

Well, that may have been true at one time. But honestly, do you really think we can argue that Ben is as good as the following?

Brady. Stop it. It's not even close.

Rogers. No way.

Brees. No. He just isn't in his class.

Payton Manning. Look what he has done this year. No way is Ben in his class.

Matt Ryan.

And coming to a stadium near you, by next year.

RG3. By next year, Ben won't be as good as this guy.

Luck. Again, by next year, this guy will be superior to Ben.

Russell Wilson.

If you want to argue Ben is still top 10, I can see a case being made. But, honestly, I think the days of trying to sell him as a top 3-5 QB are over.