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They always invest on the defensive side, I have preached that before so it really don't matter who is the defensive coordinator they will always be tops on that side always have always will and it goes back to the 70s and it will continue to be that way after the great one is retired. But the way of the defense is gone every since King Roger became the commissioner, it's time for the team to adjust the way they run things even their free agent strategy is dying. Teams in the league now, even the Bengal spend in free agency yet we try and keep our own even when those players are past their prime.
Agree. Kind of hard to blame our offense when the defense is constantly getting the lion's share of the resources for players who are marginally performing.

The gist of my 4-3 ramblings have always been about the defenses costs with regards to taking two years to train someone versus having rookies come in and play their natural positions. We have to retain more expensive players because we have younger players in the "apprenticeship program" for too long and then when they start to play we have to give them a big second contract.

Our methodology on the defensive side of the ball is expensive to maintain and with the lowest numbers of sacks and INTs in decades we aren't getting value for money.