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Ben didn't like Whiz because Whiz yelled in his face. Ben outright said it. I'm sure that was one of the reasons Ben wasn't so fond of the Haley signing. He doesn't take well to being yelled at.

On one hand, I tend to agree with Ben. I'm far more motivated by people who are positive and treat you with respect than those who are hot heads. But at the same time, when you're making $100M, you should probably be able to work under either style.

I think at this point in his career and with what he has accomplished, Ben had hoped that the team would cater more to him than it does. Brady and Peyton have made those teams theirs and pretty much what they say goes. But Ben has things forced on him that he doesn't want and still hasn't gotten or hasn't been able to keep the tall receiver he's always wanted. I think he can thank his immaturity with the 2 assault accusations for all of that.
Ben wanted a big WR.. we went out and got Sweed but he sucked.