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Thread: GBNREPORT's Mock draft has the Steelers taking...

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    The reality is the draft isn't going to solve all the issues the Steelers have, even if we get some good prospects there is no guarantee they make an impact their first year. What the Steelers have to hope for is their current players step up and play better.
    Last years picks had a chance to get playing time on account of so many injuries, that may help us moving forward to next season. Players like Adams,DeCastro, Beachum especially, but we also need a conditioned and healthy Woodley as well as our Wr's playing like they did prior to this season.

    Our front seven and special teams needs addressed, plus we don't know which players we'll lose and we need replacements for those guys. OLB for instance, will we have JH? If not Jason Worlids has to fill the void, the James Harrisons of the world don't come around very often. Some here mentioned ILB but we already have a decent one in Foote, he had a decent year and you don't let that experience walk out the door and rely on a rookie or Spence. I've been harping on NT, it all starts up front and thats the position I would prefer the Steelers to address, not just a good NT but a dominate one.

    I believe the transition started at the end of 2011, and its going to continue. We have some really good core players in place that could speed up the process, but we need the picks of the past few drafts to fill the voids, and hope we get some impact players in this years draft.
    We have the best QB in our division so there is hope we can rebound, the Bengals are a young team and look to get better too so the competition increases. Cleveland is a young team as well with a decent defense but they need WR's and a QB that can get them the ball, the jury is still out whether Brandon Weeden is their guy. Baltimore will have to begin a transition period, they have some guys getting up there, Ray is retiring, Reed isn't far behind him so right there alone will impact their defense.

    There could be a silver lining from this 2012 season, in that our rookies got playing time, more than any year I can remember. That could help us next year knowing we have guys that played and started games. At the very least it makes our depth better but also gives them a shot to compete for a starters position.

    This will be our best draft postion in a long while, its imperative we get it right so we can at least get one or two that can take a starters position.
    Pouncey did it, but he was an exception. Overall, staying healthy and limit injuries next season is probably the best medicine for the Steelers, but it wouldn't hurt to hit the jack pot in April.

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    Thats a pretty lame impersonation of the real SuperSteeler you have going on there Pal, the real SuperSteeler would not be pleased with this malarkey........too much free time on your hands Chuck......get back to Rock Bottom with Cali and the boys

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    In swear in all honesty this is not me. I believe it is Supe.i would not have time for the sheer number of posts with my work load.

    it is not me.

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    GBN is one of the more highly regarded draft sites around. So they're pick would have some merit. But as of now I agree with Dub that it will not be a NT picked in rd1 by TS. GBN also always has an extensive overall player ranking which is helpful in making later round picks.

    Since 2007 I have been tracking the draft mocks of the posters and then seeing where they are ranked overall. This gives a picture of whether or not the player is a steal or if he is picked way out of reality.

    Anyway GBN is always one of the sites. Last year they ranked 250 players and so far this year have graded over 100. Of course, NFLDS/CBS is the prime site for me to do this kind of stuff. CBS uses the rankings of and makes it very easy to get the info on just about every player. A third always used is DraftCountDown. But they are just getting it on now and are not quite ready.

    Then for a change a couple or 3 newer sites are used. These sites seem to come and go pretty fast. Last year I found one I thought had a lot of merit. It was called They had a pretty solid Big Board and did it all. Position rankings, scouting reports, mock drafts updated regularly, rumors and speculation articles galore----Uhhh! Couldn't find them this year. I think one search said the site might be up for SALE.

    Another one I thought was promising was I had them BM'd and decided to see what they were up to. Uhh! They were still there for some reason but had not quite updated since 2011. But they had Arizona taking CB Peterson at 5 and Cleveland taking OLB Von Miller at 6.[Cleve should have listened] Hmm! They actually had TS taking Cam Heyward at 31.[So this was where that Colbert got his tip]

    This year I am planning on adding a new wrinkle. Finding mocks by lesser knowns or just casual fans. Sometimes they are not so good and/or are filled with dubious or outright wrong facts in their explanations for the picks.

    Of course, I do not actually do any of this hardly. It's sort of like the New Year Resolutions. You know, well maybe next year. Oh, I definitely will get started on this rest assured but the fervor usually only lasts maybe about five minutes.

    Actually, I did find some of these dubious type mocks. But it will have to wait till later. Space limitations thing.

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    Looks like you did some extensive draft investigations. It's difficult to guage who or what position the Steelers will draft, its only a guess by most people. The Steelers, like all teams look for need players that can help their team especially in the early rounds. Sometimes they will go for BPA, but thats when they were having good years with their current roster.
    I believe this year will be different where they will draft that need player, form the looks of our roster we could narrow it down, but in the end its still a guess.
    I mentioned NT, but realize we just got the guy from Seattle that could fill that need or compete with McClendon. I'm thinking on the lines of a dominate NT not just a decent one. Whatever position we draft in round one he has to have the potentcial to either start or see the field year one, otherwise we'll be sitting with the same players we have now hoping for them to get better.

    We could use a NT, OLB, ILB, S, CB, NOT NESSASARILY IN THAT ORDER. If you break it down, most likely a draft pick won't be able to see the field at safety, or Corner unless we have injuries at those positions. So that breaks down to either NT, OLB, or ILB that would have the best chance to see the field and possibly start at some point of the season. Its also going to depend on who we release, if we can trust our current players to fill the void or the need to replace that player through the draft.

    We could use a LT if Max leaves, LG, WR, RB, TE. not in that order. I doubt they would use round one on either WR, or RB most likely later in the draft. That leaves LT,LG, AND TE when you break it down like I'm suggesting.
    Now, you have those three positions on offense, and three on defense to break down and guess which one they fill first. On the offensive side of the ball TE suddendly becomes a need position with Miller having surgery and how it will impact him when he returns. He not only had a great season but a good blocker something we need, so it wouldn't surprise me if they draft a TE in round one. I doubt it but the Steelers are know for some surprises. Heath is getting up there too, so maybe its time to groom his replacement, but that replacement would have to be the top TE in the draft or close to it .

    Someone here proposed taking Warmack in round one, I wouldn't be opposed to that, however most likely he won't be there @ 17, hell he 's the best G, in the draft and has that potentcial to start immediately.
    Getting back to our needs, it would be safe to say our offense needs the most help out of the two units, but we can't ignore that front seven. We invested two 1st round picks at DE, neither one Hood,or Heyward lived up to that ranking. Keisel seems to be the best DL man we have but he's up there in age to. Because of that investment we made, I was thinking dominate NT to get more out of those investments and at the same time make life a little easier for our LB's.

    I'm set for round one, I think of other senario's but keep coming back to NT, a position that will not only help our D-line but LB's as well. Now if Warmack was there @1, I take him in a heatbeat even over NT thats how good that kid is.


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