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Not sure what Worilds has done wrong to be completely written off as a failure at this point. He looks just about on track to be peaking as James Harrison leaves the building.
Is Worilds a FA this year? I'd like to see the Steelers keep him on, albeit at a reasonable price. He seems to be getting better. I think that at this point, he's better than Woodley.

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Saying that Woodley is a 'fail' because he didn't play at his usual standard this season is like calling Hampton a 'fail' because he wasn't dominant this season. Woodley is fine. Injury is his biggest concern- always has been. Same with Troy, but you don't hear people clamoring to get rid of Troy.
Woodley was a "fail" this season. He came in out of shape (inexcusable for a professional football player), and as a result, he couldn't get healthy the whole season. How helpful can he be if he's always at half-strength? Too much money tied up in a player who, unless he drastically changes his ways, will likely have more of the same problems with injuries as he gets older. As for Troy? He doesn't come in out of shape, and he's been fantastic in the past, but I have to wonder if he's reached the point of diminishing returns. The kind of athlete he is, and the way he plays, he's apt to have more of the same kinds of problems with injuries as he ages. I actually thought the secondary played pretty well when Allen took his place. And Allen's salary is a lot lower than Troy's. I'll add James Harrison to the conversation. I think he could still contribute to this team, and he's still the best OLB on the roster, but for the salary he's making, and at his age, you have to wonder if we can afford to keep him. I'd like to see him stay, but unless he takes a drastic pay cut, I would think the Steelers would need to give him his walking papers.

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Steelers have used a few 'measurables' at the combine to pinpoint their LB options over the last few years, so until we see how they measure up, it's too hard to even guess at who they would look at. That said, Ohio St's John Simon looks interesting as a 2nd round type prospect, or if they look later in the draft Nebraska's Eric Martin looks to have just the right amount of nasty in him. Could even add Florida's Lerentee McCray as a mid round option.
It would be fine to try to find a good LB later in the draft, but if we're going to continue to run the defense we do, where the LB's are the focal point, seems to me we're going to have to spend a first or second round pick on one before long.