Please try and be honest in your thoughts so we can get a feel on what our new season will look like, and if the Steelers can rebound from the 2012 disappointing season.

Supers Take:

I wonder if the window is closing on our steelers, or if we add some players to the roster that can make the difference in the up coming season. The feedback form posts on Steelers planet says the Steelers have their work cut out in order to have a successful 2013. and the main issues must be resolved so they can achieve their goal.
I'll take a crack at what those main issues are, and look forward to your opinions on this matter as we move forward.

Main issues and objectives:

1. First and formost the Steelers need to stay healthy especially on the offensive line in order to maximize continuity with the same 5 starters. We all know injuries will happen, but if they limit them, the team as a whole should see improvement.

2. QB Play. Lets face it, we only can go as far as Ben Takes us, we need the Ben of the first half of 2012. For whatever reason he wasn't the Ben we could count on in the last quarter of this season and it impacted our playoff hopes.

3. Pressure and pass rush from our front seven, too often we didn't have that in the course of this season and it left our secondary on an Island. Our secondary wasn't playing well in the beginning of the season, but Keenan Lewis, Cortez made big improvements even with the absense of Troy for the majority of the season. We need a dominate NT that can take on blockers to free our ends up, that combination alone will make our LB's better, and if they are healthy and in shape ( Woodley) it would make a big difference.

4. Special teams. This unit has to get better not only in coverage, but discipline by not committing penalty's that kill good field position and returns for TD"S. Our Punter isn't up to snuff as well as our Special teams coach, we'll need changes there or at least change what they are doing that hurts the unit.

Obviously, there are more but these IMHO are valid and need addressed. We have to count on health of the team, getting the right pieces in the draft, and fix the areas' above I mentioned. This no easy task.
I feel we have a core of really good players to get to the next level, but we still have to find a few impact players in the draft and our coaching staff outside of LeBeau has to improve their decisions on the field.

As Steelers fans, our expectations are high. Anything less than a playoff appearance is an incomplete season, the team goal is the SB as it should be. However, the reality is our Steelers can't meet their expectations or ours unless they fix the issues at hand.
I'm confident we'll be better in 2013 but will better be enough? I don't really know, other teams are getting better too so we have to take it up a notch or two to stay ahead of the game.
When we hit rock bottom we'll know it, we ain't there yet and don't want to be there. Playing 500 ball won't do it folks for them or us, but great teams can't last forever we have to see that reality. Lets hope thay have another one in them in the near future, getting #7 would be sweet and keep us King of the NFL!