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I think I would thrive as an OC if Kurt Warner was my QB. Right now, Haley is the front runner for the AZ job. So now what? We have to go through the learning curve again of a whole new offense? Who ever it is, better know how to freaking call plays and get a rushing attack going. I am so sick of rooting for a Steeler team that ranks near the bottom in rushing. It is pathetic. 26th in the league, with a paltry 3.7 apc. Horrific.
I agree. For years now we had Arians that won't have a blocking back on his teams, a guy that only had three running plays in his offense. Now we have Haley, a first year man with the team that has seen more changes in his o-line than Mike Tomlin has quips. Top it off with Tomlins inability to name a starter but I really don't put too much heat on Tomlin for that. Mendenhall was coming off a bad injury the season prior, got hurt again. The other guys have had their bruises too. I still don't know why Dwyer takes himself out of the games and he seems to do it after he gets steam rolling or has the defenses on their heals.
If anyone thought Haly was going to change this offense into something better in just one season, take of the rose colored glasses.