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Thread: RuthlessBurgher Fantasy Playoff Challenge (to keep games interesting since we're out)

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    RuthlessBurgher Fantasy Playoff Challenge (to keep games interesting since we're out)

    Rules are pretty simple. Give me one player from each of the playoff teams to give you fantasy points until that player's team is eliminated from the playoffs. We did something similar to this a few years back (I think stlrz_d ran it once upon a time), but I made a few tweaks (eliminating kickers and defense, for example). Anyone can join (i.e. you didn't have to be in one of our PlanetSteeler fantasy leagues to be eligible). Here goes:

    One AFC QB, Two AFC RB's, Two AFC WR's, and One AFC TE.

    One NFC QB, Two NFC RB's, Two NFC WR's, and One NFC TE.

    This is not a typical fantasy league where only one guy has Adrian Peterson...everyone can choose Peterson on their team if they want to. I can pick Peterson and Lynch, but someone else may prefer Peterson and Gore, or Lynch and Morris, and so on...everyone has the full slate of playoff eligible QB's, RB's, WR's, and TE's to choose from.

    You'll get 1 point for every 10 yards rushing or receiving. 1 point for every 25 yards passing. 6 points for all TD's (passing, rushing, receiving, or returning...if, say, your RB or WR also happens to return kicks or points for return yardage, though...not getting that complicated here). 2 points for all 2 point conversions (passing, rushing, receiving). You lose 2 points if for all interceptions and lost fumbles. Fractional points count.

    You must choose your full team before the first playoff game kicks off Saturday afternoon. No changes can be made after that point. You are stuck with those players for the rest of the playoffs. I will tally scores after each weekend to determine who is leading, but an overall winner will not be determined until after the Super Bowl is over.

    I'll give you my team as an example:

    AFCQB: Peyton Manning (DEN)
    AFCRB: Arian Foster (HOU)
    AFCRB: Ray Rice (BAL)
    AFCWR: A.J. Green (CIN)
    AFCWR: Reggie Wayne (IND)
    AFCTE: Rob Gronkowski (NE)

    NFCQB: Aaron Rodgers (GB)
    NFCRB: Adrian Peterson (MIN)
    NFCRB: Marshawn Lynch (SEA)
    NFCWR: Julio Jones (ATL)
    NFCWR: Pierre Garcon (WAS)
    NFCTE: Vernon Davis (SF)

    This weekend, I get no points from Peyton, Gronk, Julio, and Vernon, since they are all on byes. I will have 8 active players (2 in each game). And then the players from my losing teams get eliminated. In the divisional round, I will have my remaining 8 players all active (2 in each game). Then four more guys get eliminated when their teams lose. I'll have 4 active players during conference championship weekend (2 in each game), and then finally 2 active players in the Super Bowl (1 for each team).

    Post your teams here before gametime on Saturday. Get in the game! If you want to keep your team hidden from few until everyone submits, then you may PM me your team instead if you wish (I will reveal any PMed teams after the playoffs start on Saturday). Good luck!
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