After both Ben and Tomlin repeatedly saying Ben's injury had no impact on his play, of course, Ben comes out and basically says, in so many words, that he is too injured to play in the Pro Bowl, which is another way of saying, he was actually pretty injured the last games he played.

Ben is pretty frustrating. On one hand, he really can take a beating and play through some major injuries. On the other, he constantly throws out injuries statuses so he can always use them as a trap door in case he doesn't win. And after saying over and over that no wounds were hurting his play, alas, after the season is over, he races right to alluding that he is still so hurt, that he can't play in the Pro Bowl, AND that his first task at hand is to "get healthy." Many of his stated injuries over the years have been mysterious. Remember when he claimed he had a broken foot or jacked toe, and Cowher said he never even heard such a thing? There have been lots of those.