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Thread: Who was the Steelers' best back after all?

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    I'm curious to see if Rainey bulks up any for next season? I'd use him as a WR. He's identical in size to Wes Welker.
    That's odd, I consider Welker to be a solidly built shorter guy, whereas I consider Rainey's body to be more beanpole thin.

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    I'm a fan of Dwyer. He has barely toted the ball in the three years that he has been on the team. He's young. I think an offensive line of Starks-Foster-Pouncey-DDC-Adams healthy for the majority of a season would help deliver more of Dwyers potential. I also think he needs to be shown how to eat right and stay in good shape during the offseason.

    If these two things happen, I believe Dwyer can do it. He has a running style that can be very successful in this league. To me he is the type of back that can get you a fresh new set of downs on a couple carries, breaking off 7 and 9 yard runs with authority.

    I also think he is still maturing and growing up. He still has things to learn. Like perhaps there is a mental thing that is goin on with him. Can't be the physicality of the game. He was a thumper in college and continued that into the NFL. That's why I still think he has to really becoe a man or something like that.

    But it would be a bad move to give up on this guy so soon. I think he has earned a shot at the starting job and if he get's his a$$ in shape and if the Steelers handle the offensive line issues properly I think we will have something.

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    None of them remind me of Bettis, D Martin, or even M Forte.

    For as bad as the Bears OL was this year (all starters except one missing parts of the season) Forte still managed over 1000 yds. Just sayin..


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