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I agree, but I would like to make one differentiation: JD _WAS_ the stud back I thought he would be, but only for a few plays a game, as he has no endurance, hence can't stay on the field long enough to produce like a legit starting NFL back. But, he did make the kind of runs I thought he was capable of - making more out of nothing than Mendy ever has. He just can't carry it enough times without needing to come out. But he _DID_ prove that, when he is out there, he can make plays. But that isn't enough when he has to constantly come out of the game.
Guess what? Both Redman and Mendenhall also had flashes of good running. All three backs this year showed they can "make plays" here and there, but were mediocre the majority of the time. I like Dwyer and the way he runs but he is *not* this super-awesome-killer-RB that you tried to tout him as. Maybe with conditioning and more experience he will become better, but the same can be said of Redman and even Mendenhall. I'm not really sure what this thread is supposed to be about honestly.