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Wallace is not going to be a Steeler going forward.

His actions and attitude this season show he is only interested in one thing, and thats getting paid. And I have no problem with that. Its a brutal game and you need to take care of your financial well being. But he deosnt care about being a Steeler. I think like many NFL guys he doesn't care which team he's are on. He can wear blue and silver, teal and white, or black and gold, but the way he held himself this year shows he is only looking out for the $$$$.

It's funny how us fans scream about a Super Bowl every year while most of the players (I think) look to secure the money before they really worry about a ring.

As for paying our WRs, I think we overpaid a bit on Brown, but Wallace doesnt deserve any more then that contract. I also don't see Wallace as a team's #1 WR, but he'll find someone to pay him close to that level.
If he does... hooray for him. It's foolish to expect loyalty from a player when we all know a team will drop a guy in a heart beat if something better comes a long.