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This season was Tomlin's worst performance as Steelers' head coach. Don't see why pointing that out raises such ire...I think it was fairly obvious. I'm pulling for him to turn it around next season.
I agree.

The team was 8-8, and ultimately, the head coach bears responsibility for that record. The line is always "the standard is the standard" and that should apply to Tomlin as well.

The team did not seem ready to play in a lot of games this year, as many have noted, not only on this message board, but even in comments from guys like Keisel and Polamalu.

Additionally, we saw some very questionable in-game decisions. Most troubling to me was when Tomlin, by his own words, gave no consideration to punting late in the Bengals game instead of putting Suisham out there for a 54 yard field goal. If he was not considering that 54 yards is beyond Suisham's typical range, was into the open end and would be the longest kick ever at Heinz, then he simply wasn't doing his job. He should weigh those factors, and if he found that something led him to another decision, fine - but those are things that a coach needs to consider.

The special teams were a disaster. They repeatedly put the team in poor field position with dumb penalties. Additionally, there were issues like Brown being lined up too deep on a punt return in I believe the Cowboys game. The overall lack of discipline is, at least in part, a coaching issue. Amos Jones is Tomlin's buddy from back in the day, but he should be gone. If not, full responsibility for the STs failures rests with Tomlin.

Just like Ben, Tomlin had a bad year. I'd like to see both guys return next year, and see both of them have better years.