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Thread: 2013 Steeler Draft= Lets take a look

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    Quote Originally Posted by steelerkeylargo View Post
    Yes thats true. These things happen every year.
    Yep! And I know I have spoken about this like 100 times. The cool thing is, with Cleveland and New Orleans not having second round picks our second round pick moves up two spots. As well as all the other picks after that.
    Steelers 2015 Draft???....Go Freak! As in....

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    Quote Originally Posted by MeetJoeGreene View Post
    That is a remarkably cogent and comprehensive mock draft whose foundational premises address the Steelers multitudinous deficiencies while providing substantive depth at several essential positions.
    I view your quote as a compliment, if so thanks, but in reality it's all speculation. I have no idea who the Steelers will draft just taking a guess based on our needs and the possibility these picks will be there when we select.
    Out of the four picks I made, I do have confidence that Eric Reid will be a Steeler unless someone else picks him before us. I also think John Jenkins the NT from Georgia is a valid pick, a player who could make our front seven better.

    No matter who we draft, the organization knows up front we had a disappointing season in 2012, its in their court now to correct the issues. We expressed our reasons, but it falls back on the team as a whole, both players and coaches to improve.
    When we say improve in the Burgh, its not just in the win-loss record but to make the post season and a possible run at the SB, THATS THE STANDARD, anything less doesn't cut it!


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