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Thread: Am I the only one?

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    I would probably watch a lot more if it wasn't for having a 7 year old running around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Djfan View Post
    Who is done with NFL football until next year? If the Steelers are out I just don't care. I have teams that I DON'T want to see win it, but other than that I just have no energy for it at all.

    Your thoughts?
    What's football??????????????????????????????
    1. Charles Harris-OLB, Missouri
    2. Rasul Douglas-CB, West Virginia
    3. Chris Godwin-WR, Penn State
    4. John Johnson-S, Boston College
    5. James Conner-RB, Pitt
    6. Nazair Jones-DT, North Carolina
    7. Garrett Sickels, DE/OLB, Penn State

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBR96A View Post
    The more non-Steelers football we watch, the more educated we become about other teams.
    The more educated we become about why we didn't make the playoffs and how easy it is to plug in young players and not miss a beat.


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