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Thread: Steeler Collection Deal

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    Steeler Collection Deal

    This is a lot of Steeler stuff. You get everything pictured here.

    These items are in mint condition.

    1. 2 Steeler window valances
    2. Stop Danger Ahead Steeler Country Sign
    3. Pittsburgh Steelers highway sign
    4. Steelers Drive Sign
    5. Steelers sign
    6. Signed 8x10 Chris Fuamatu-Ma'afala (comes with Certificate of Authenticity from J's Collectibles)
    7. Signed 8X10 of Amos Zereoue (comes with Certificate of Authenticity from J's Collectibles)
    8. Franco Harris 8X10 (unsigned)
    9. Merrill Hodge 8X10 (unsigned)
    10. Steelers Pro Cube of Kordell Stewart. This is a unique/one of a kind variation of a rubik's cube. It is a fantastic discovery toy for the younger Steeler fan to explore, or a great display piece. There are a ton of variations of this cube. It can form a perfect cube with tons of different pictures, or you can actually form pictures with a rectangle and stand it up.

    11. Steeler Stadium picture. This 22X28 picture was professionally framed. In order to make shipping more reasonable, I disassemlbed the frame to take the picture out. The frame was professionally made with screws and picture tighteners to keep the picture flat. If you look closely at the top of the picture there are two small white marks where a couple of the picture clips were. These will be totally covered when you frame it but they are there. Other than that, the picture is awesome.

    These last 3 things are not in great shape but I decided to throw them in just in case you wanted them.

    12. Duece Staley (unsigned) This picture is scratched on the left side.
    13. Merrill Hodge Iron City signed picture. I had this personally signed in 1990. This is a very rare picture but is also quite worn;
    14. Steelers license plate 016 (480x640).jpg007 (640x480).jpg009 (640x480).jpg008 (640x480).jpg010 (640x480).jpg

    My son decided to do his room with a different theme. This lot is perfect to do a complete room or add it to your mancave.

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    I couldnt get past number 7. Certificate of Authenticity and Amos Zereoue should never be used in the same sentence.........

    Just kidding. Good luck on this.
    Steelers 2015 Draft???....Go Freak! As in....

    1-Bernardrick McKinney MLB Mississippi State 6 ft 5 250 4.5 40 yard dash

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    I was always a big Amos fan. He was definitely a college back though.

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    I think I forgot a price. This is $90 shipped.

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    $90 for all of it.

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    This is still available. If you're close enough to State College, PA, you can have it all for $70.

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    A Kordell Stewart Rubik's Cube? WTF kind of crapola is that?

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    This was for my kid's room and at the time, he thought it was cool. It is unique.

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    I've got a limited edition Pittsburgh Pirates 1st Round Draft Choice (2001 - 8th pick) John Van Benschoten autographed 8x10. I'd be willing to part with it for $200.

    Actually, any time a Steelers draft pick drives you nuts, just remember Benschoten.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Notleadpoisoned View Post
    A Kordell Stewart Rubik's Cube? WTF kind of crapola is that?
    Actually seems kinda appropriate to me. Dude was sort of puzzling after all. Chan Gailey seemed to know some of the strategies for solving the Slash puzzle. Ray Sherman and Kevin Gilbride? Not so much.


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