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This is a weak, weak response. One of these players was a 1st round draft pick and one was 4th round draft pick.

One stepped in for Kendrell Bell when he couldn't stay healthy and seized a starting spot he didn't let go of for 5 years. When Hightower can match Foote's career production, then you can come up with a better argument.

Hightower is what he is. He will be a good ILB. Just like Jerod Mayo of top ten fame is what he is. They are both decent ILB'ers.
Well then we agree somewhat. See I think comparing an established 11 year veterans stats to that of a rookie is weak. I think it is more appropriate to compare what each did in year one than for us to compare what one did in year 11 to what one did in year 1. Apples to Apples not Apples to Oranges.