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Thread: Good article on Plax, coaching, etc

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    Quote Originally Posted by skyhawk View Post
    Sanders is better than Burress?
    At this point? Yes. Yes, he is.

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    Short to medium routes? What routes? There is very little timing in this offense. The loss of Hines Ward is bigger than people think (although last year he didn't contribute much). I would also tend to think that Holmes was a more phyical receiver and able to run routes better than what we have now.

    This is a majpr passing league now. With Ben, these receivers should be doing more. But they clearly are not. Is that Haley's fault? I am not sure. Going through the motions and completing the few pass that are made is irrelevant if this team can't score points. That is the issue. Points.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Sugar View Post
    At this point? Yes. Yes, he is.
    Ha, Steeler cool-aid? I think if Burress is worked into the mix more he would be more productive than Sanders. Come on now.


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