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Thread: Ben is not well like by coaches.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by DBR96A View Post
    I live in Fran Tarkenton's hometown, and I used to work for the local radio conglomerate which includes a sports talk statio. One of the guys from the morning show told me that Tarkenton has a reputation around town as "a bit of an *******." Maybe likability is overrated because Tarkenton was a great QB nonetheless.

    IMO, it would be hard to find an athlete not like that. 99% of them are

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    Quote Originally Posted by Steelhere10 View Post
    And player's around the league? Why else would Schaub and Luck be before him in the Pro Bowl when clearly Ben numbers are better even with the injury. Another thing is the Super Bowl win against the Cards, 99% of the Qbs in the league would win Mvp of that Super Bowl. So that bring me to the question will Ben be in th the hall of fame when his career end or only the Steeles fans think of him as being great.
    You want a 'likeable' QB? ... just root for Tebow, everybody likes him. Problem is, he stinks as an NFL QB. Jim McMahon of the Bears was known as one of the more douchey QBs, but he was a hell of a QB.

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    Ben's got a bad rep in the media. From the motorcycle accident to the rape allegations to the bad teammate to Haley gate to all the drama. I'm sure it has some impact. But he also gets a lot of praise for his unique style of play.

    This year, his stats were good, but QBs are also credited with Ws and Ls and Ben's ratio wasn't so hot. And he made a couple blunders in bad times that were fairly memorable. Plus we had a very easy schedule. One of the easiest I can remember.


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