What talent?? Most were on the bench hurt or just getting into a grove around the 14 week. Other talent was in a coaches dog house. Another talent was just running around the field making sure he did not hurt himself and do just enough to get big $$$$ elsewere.

Who I see as Talent on this team:
Ben, Troy, Debo, Woodley, Ike, Wallace, Mendy, Decastro, Pouncey. All these guys had major problems this season at some point. Other talent that played well for the most part but had there own bad games, Brown, Timmons, Starks, Clark, Hamp, others ETC. You can only win with talent when that talent plays in the game.

Just don't see a TEAM or Coaches giving up anywere. That would be disgusting. This is just a bad year overall. But I don't expect a SB every year. Don't expect the playoffs either every year. Some of you guys are spoiled rotten!