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Thread: For All the Whiners & Doomsday Posters Out There

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    We had back to back 12-4 Seasons prior to this season....I don't care what their record was this season, I'm proud to be a Steelers fan...still have the signs in the yard.
    I don't think anyone is here is not proud to be a Steelers fan. Here is the thing from my perspective. Past success is great, but they could have won the Super Bowl for the past 10 straight years and that would not excuse their sloppy and garbage performance this year. I do care what their record is, but what I care about more than the record is how the Steelers play the game. They played it quite poorly this year and from my view much of the problem was a complacency or entitlement attitude against the so-called scrub teams. To make matters worse, this tendency has reared its ugly head before and will do so again unless something changes in how this team prepares and/or motivates itself to play each week.

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    They played quite poorly and yet were in a position to win most of their games...


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