I had the Steeler game streamed on my Laptop and the Colts/Texans game on TV. Did anyone else see how quick many of his release were before JJ got to him?

Maybe because he is a rook but I always perceiced BA having a scheme that took a long time for the WR's to run their patterns. If you were to time his dropbacks it was not like the OL was giving him 5 seconds to throw.

I know Luck was aggresive and had as many Int's as TD's but it was impressive how in sync he was with the WR's timewise and he was not just managing the game.

He does have Wayne but the rest of the WR corp appeared to be very inexperienced but yet effective.

My point is I never saw BA's philosophy working at all with a rook QB and am trying to figure out what changed, if anything, for Luck to be more than just efficient.