Is he used more effectively when our key players are healthy?

Seems sometimes DL has Timmons chase WRs/TEs/RBs all day. Then some games he uses him more in the box attacking the QB. Does Lebeau feel more comfortable turning Lawrence loose when he has all of his key defenders on the field?

I still think we havent seen the best of TImmy yet. I want the full potential here. I think we should let Timmy attack the QB more to generate pressure. Clearly out of all the LBs, he's the one teams always have to account for because he is so fast and hits so hard.

No QB wants any of Timmy. The more we send him, the more everything frees up. I still think we could use him on the Outside when Deebo is done. If he got some work, he'd figure it out.

Heck, if we draft Teo, maybe we could move Timmy back outside and think more about lining him up everywhere.