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Wallace returning isn't a topic we need to spend more than one sentence on because it won't happen. It will be much more meaningful to discuss who joins Brown, Sanders, Cotchery and Burress. I think they try to keep Burress and get him at a vet minimum salary. Although not a fan he did perform in limited opportunities.

Personally, I would be looking at adding a TE near the top of our draft. We have seen that with Haley this position is a real weapon.
I would love to have another TE as a weapon to compliment Heath, but without Wallace, the Steelers need to add another WR. Sanders demonstrated that he is not a starting caliber player, and neither are Burress and Cotchery at this point. Whether early in the draft or through free agency, the Steelers will need to address WR if Wallace leaves. Adding both a WR and TE early leaves little room to add youth to the defense.