If you haven't noticed it started already and it will continue for 2013 when we see new faces and some popular Steelers released.
When a team is in transition it takes time for new players to develope, some growing pains in the process too.
We have a good core of players to accelerate that transition but it won't come without patience, something we as fans don't have.
I look for the Steelers to be better next season, but will it be enough to make the playoffs?

I realize we need several positions filled, but for me it all starts up front in the trenches. We must improve both lines first, then the other positions. Example, you could have an average back look good when he has a great line, and when you have a QB like Ben a good line will bring out the best in him. Same with the D-line, we haven't seen the production needed their. A dominate NT will make our ends better and our LB's as well.

Our Steelers experienced a boat load of injuries, maybe a healthy Steeler team could make a real difference, but still, players we draft or bring in have to be productive in order to accelerate that transition.