17. Pittsburgh Steelers
Manti Te'o NFL Player Comparison

The Pick: ILB Manti Te'o, Notre Dame
The Manti Te'o wait is over.
Fans of the Notre Dame linebacker will surely be upset that he's still on the board here, but they should be glad to see him in a situation tailor-made for his talents. But why the fall down the board?
Te'o is a very good linebacker, no question, but his position isn't one of great need at the top of the draft this year. There are teams who could add a middle linebacker, but it's not the primary need for any team ahead of Pittsburgh.
Also (and this doesn't get mentioned enough), Te'o simply isn't a great athlete. He's not Patrick Willis. Instead, look for Te'o to run somewhere around a 4.7 in the 40-yard dash and perform about average in all agility tests at the combine.
Te'o had a brilliant year, and his character can't be questioned, but he's not the elite, all-world prospect that some have made him out to be. It's much more likely he's drafted in the 10-15 range and not the 5-10 range some are predicting.

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Still like this pick.