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Here's the difference between the Steelers and Patriots:

There's a minute left in the game, the Steelers are leading their opponent by two TD's and have the ball, Ben takes a knee and runs out the clock.

Same senario with the Pats, but Brady calls a timeout and goes for another TD.

Fans may get irritated how the Pats do things and think they are disrespecting their opponents doing the above, but their coach looks at it differently. He wants to see his offense work under all conditions even if it means adding to the score when the games is already won, its up to the opposing team to stop it from happening.

These two teams had a terrific span of wins and SB's the past decade, but they are completely different.
The Steelers will beat you up physically until you cave in, where the Pats beat you up in the end zone.

If you guys wern't a Steelers fan you would hate us too, because of the success we had, same with the Pats, people hate their success.
For me I could care less about the Pats, I'm conserned about our Steelers and want #7 before Ben retires!
Are the Pats that god or do they benefit from playing in a weak division?