I hate everyone and everything.

But I enjoy watching the Pats play. I like the fact that they always seem to try to do things a little differently. Even little things like putting their #1 corner on Hines and then doubling Plax with 2 other guys and pretty much shutting down our passing attack. To stockpiling draft picks which I wish desperately we'd do. To being the first 2 get 2 #1 TEs on the Offense, although, I just think they looked at what we were doing with Hines and Heath - the original great 2 TE set. To their current offense tempo which is pretty incredible. If they have a play that works, just hurry up and repeat.

The Pats are one of the few teams I see doing a lot of stuff that I'd like the Steelers to copy. And interestingly, I think Billy B learned a lot from playing Cowher and the Steelers during his putrid time in Cleveland. I think he's taken a lot from the Steelers and extended it.