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Thread: Just me or do other steeler fans Hate New England?

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    Quote Originally Posted by D Rock View Post
    Let me put on my flame-retardant suit here....

    ...alright there we go. I'm ready to say it...

    I've gone from hating Tom Brady to respecting him. I still don't ever want to see him win, but I can't hate the guy for being incredibly good at what he does any more. I wish he had been a Steeler.

    Well-said, and I'd have to join you in respect for Brady, and I'd add Welker as well as their preparation and their offensive schemes. Can't let their head coach and organization off the hook for cheatriotgate. Would add that Tip Roast who posts here is a top-shelf fan and ambassador for the Pats, makes it less easy to hate on them.

    I'd rather see them win over anybody named Ryan or Harbaugh.

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    you can't deny brady's one of the best ever. he's the complete package from physical skills, work ethic and desire to win. the difference between the precision passing/timing game he plays vs. the streetball ben plays is night and day. don't get me wrong, ben is a terrific qb and a franchise qb - but brady makes everyone around him better, whereas ben often needs to cover for the rest of the offense.

    bellichick is a major league douchebag. kraft is an arrogant jaggov but the two things I respect about them is the stadium/facility they built for the fans and the willingness to lay a 60 burger on the opposition. they never quit, and they never play down to the opposition. would love to see some of that around here.

    but i hate them nonetheless.


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    I live in New England and can't stand the Patriots. They're on every week, so I watch most of their games. Belichick is contemptible, but he's a great coach. The Pats always seem very well-prepared and well-coached. They commit few penalties and always seem to be on the receiving end of turnovers. They make other teams nervous because you don't know what they're going to throw at you. I know the Steelers beat them last year, but I think the Pats would win 8 out of 10 times. Belichick is a great in-game coach and makes tremendous adjustments, something Tomlin sorely lacks. You think the Steelers would have made a game of it against the 49ers the way the Patriots did, after they were down a ton in the first half? No way. The Patriots don't quit and keep coming at you. I wish the Steelers had just a small part of that type of makeup.

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    The three reasons I hate them is because of the favoritism that Marsha get from the refs and the media, the sliminess / smugness / disrespectfulness of bellycheat, and the cheating, with its non-investigation or consequence worth a darn.

    Brady is great. Bellycheat is great. I agree. Still I hope for painful losses and such for these two because of who they are. When these two are gone I hope the best for them.
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    I can stomach the RatBirds or the Bungles winning it all.
    I'm pulling for DENVER vs. ATLANTA

    Anyone but the Pats and the Niners
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...
    Here We Go Steelers, Here We Go...!!!

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    I wish people would/could leave politics out of a Steelers Football Forum.

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    I also hate the Pats with a passion but Brady is the best I have ever seen (which includes Montana). Dont know if anyone caught this yesturday but the Pats were up 21-0 late in the game which I think was meaningless.

    Anyways, Brady overthrew a WR and he immediately starts flipping out. I dont know if it was that the WR's pattern was off or if Brady was off but it shows what a costant perfectionist he is and how he is never satisfied even after being a SB champ.

    Tiproast is a longtime Pats fan who used to post here who also is very level headed. Being in Pats country I find this to be more the exception than the rule.

    What is also weird is that I hated the Cowboys in the late 70's, all of the 80's and 90's but then it all went away.

    As far as the Ravens.... I hate them but I really wish some of the Players there were Steelers.

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    You can dislike (even hate) something and still have respect. Brady is one of the all time greats. No doubt about it - unanimous, 1st ballet HOFer. Belichek is headed to the hall of fame as well. That team does an exceptional job in prparation and plugging in "no-names" and getting great results. I respect that. Still can't stand them and hope they don't win it all.

    But I truely despise the Ravens and Bengals, deep down. I don't even want them winning pre-season games. Screw that d!ck Harbaugh (and his brother out in San Fran as well). I NEVER want to see either win it all. And I don't watn any team in our division to ever win as well. I feel no sorrow for 10 plus losing seasons in Cle. Keep them coming.

    I have to admit I'll hardly watch the playoffs. If I'm home and they are on; I'll watch as background but not going out of my way to follow any of it.

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    I'm a Steeler fan first but my second team is New England...I'm from Boston......"hate" word is to harsh....I would want
    people to respect my teams players not hate them unless they did something to warrant that...

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    hate em... but respect em.


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