There may be a number of reason a Steeler fan may hate the New England Patriots and I am a member of that club. Why im talking about this is purely just because the playoffs are coming up and as usual they are within the top 2 teams in the AFC and i just cant stand watching them go to the Super Bowl again. I dont know if its the two AFC championship kicks in the mouth that they gave us when we were the number 1 seed, the "dynasty" they had which i ofcourse put in quotes since because of the actions of the spygate scandal. I dont know if its the smugness of belichick or just tom brady being tom brady but for me I just cannot stand this team. I know there's not the rival and hatred of the division rivals but does anyone else feel the same way about them as i do. They just put the worst taste in my mouth after those 2 AFC title games and the spygate scandal. My fondest memory was Ryan Clark decleeting Wes Welker but that still doesnt make up for the others. I really hope they dont go back to the title again cuz itll make me sick.