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Hmm... i think Ben was injured because he went back to his old style. I know you cant predict which sack will cause an injury but I felt like the play was over when Ben took that crushing hit.

I know plenty of fans love how Ben never thinks a play is over but its also the reason he is always hurt and our seasons go from promising to disaster on one play.

I'm still pissed at missing the playoffs so bear with me.. just sick of seeing Ben injured every freaking year. Starting to get the impression that he isnt truly playing football if he isnt getting hit. I think Haley did a great job of protecting Ben from himself for much of the season and Ben didnt appreciate him for it.... lol.
Agree with you feltdizz. Wanting Haley to create an offense around Ben's strengths means 'backyard football' and standing around waiting for the long ball. That's exactly what the Steelers were trying to get away from to prolong his career (whether he appreciated it or not).