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Thread: Changing the Offense for Vick

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    Changing the Offense for Vick

    Curious if you guys have any ideas around how we'll change the offense for Vick? Given that he's a left handed QB, does this make the adjustments for everyone more challenging?

    As a result, do the backward formations make things difficult for the Ravens to defend because everything will be going in reverse vs playing a right handed QB?

    I imagine the Ravens will see tape of guys doing certain things, but tonight they'll be flipping a bit. Maybe the impact is negligible? But it seems like it might be a short term advantage for our O if our guys are on the same page.

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    Tunch and Wolf were talking about this. A right handed QB runs things from the left hashmark to open up the right side of the field. This will be the opposite. Expect Vick to be moving guys around because of the confusion.

    I'd open in four wide with Bell in the backfield. Spread them out and have the run/pass option. If they load up with two TEs and try to play ground and pound, it could be tough sledding.

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    Vick is 2-4 vs the Ravens... they are familiar with his style.

    This will come down to turnovers and how our D plays vs Flacco and Steve Smith.

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    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Vick is 2-4 vs the Ravens... they are familiar with his style.

    This will come down to turnovers and how our D plays vs Flacco and Steve Smith.
    The last time he played them was 2012 and he threw for 371 yards and won.

    I'm not worried about how the Ravens defended Vick in 2004.
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    Vick being left handed doesnt really matter because hes not a pocket passer, his blind side isnt quite the same as a guy who steps up in the pocket regularly.

    He needs to play smart, they do not want him running around fumbling the ball. Short passes and commitment to running and that should open up some opportunities to take shots down field. Vick also LOVES TEs, heath could be in for a big day

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    Vick must be used in...................

    1. Mis-directions
    2. Long Throws (40 plus yards)
    3. Clear path throws

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    Fixed that for ya:

    Quote Originally Posted by feltdizz View Post
    Vick is 2-4 vs the Ravens... they are familiar with his style.

    This will come down to turnovers and how our D plays vs Flacco and Steve Smith...[Scobee and his kicking.

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    Steelers “more confident and comfortable” with Vick this week

    Posted by Josh Alper on October 9, 2015, 8:07 AM EDT

    The final offensive play for the Steelers last Thursday night saw quarterback Michael Vick sail a pass over the head of wide receiver Antonio Brown on fourth down in overtime.

    It was a short pass made more difficult by the fact that Vick was throwing to the right side of the field and the absence of the comfort level that Brown and Ben Roethlisberger have built up over the years. Given how little time the Steelers had to prepare for that game after Roethlisberger hurt his knee in Week Three, it’s not surprising that things were choppy.

    The Steelers and Vick are expecting smoother sailing this week. Guard Ramon Foster says that Vick is more fluid when it comes to calling plays and Vick says he feels “so much better” after having more time to practice as the starter. Brown, who couldn’t hold onto a touchdown pass last week, said that the comfort level is higher this time around.

    “Last week, it just wasn’t [Vick’s] fault,” Brown said, via the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review. “There is a lot of blame on me. I left a lot of plays out there. All of us are getting more comfortable, not just him. I am more confident and comfortable this week with him.”

    At 2-2, the Steelers can’t afford too much of an adjustment period if they want to have a winning record when Roethlisberger returns to the lineup. That makes the next couple of days of practice important before they hit the field in San Diego on Monday night.


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    Antonio Brown to Vick: Trust me a little bit

    Posted by Josh Alper on October 15, 2015, 7:34 AM EDT

    As a wide receiver, the major part of Antonio Brown’s job description is catching passes.

    The last two weeks he hasn’t done as much of that as he’d like as the Steelers offense with Michael Vick has featured a far less potent aerial attack than they featured with Ben Roethlisberger. Brown has eight catches the last two weeks and said Wednesday that he doesn’t think that’s enough even if he acknowledges that Vick is following a game plan that calls for him to keep things conservative.

    Brown’s presence has helped the Steelers without the ball going his way — he drew extra coverage on Monday’s 72-yard touchdown pass to Markus Wheaton — but the wideout says he wants Vick to feel comfortable throwing the ball his way under any circumstances.

    “He has to take some shots, man. I told him, trust me a little bit, let me make some plays and let’s get a victory,” Brown said, via the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. “It doesn’t have to be that hard. … I think he wants to give me the ball. I don’t think he’s not trying to give me the ball, but he’s new out there and hasn’t been here from spring or training camp. So he’s just trying to do what’s right just to put the team in position and make sure he doesn’t mess up.”

    Vick said he knows it’s “very important” to get the ball in Brown’s hands, but that he is going to “let everything happen naturally” rather than veer away from the game plan when the Steelers face the Cardinals this Sunday.



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