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Thread: Kuan Sanchez, NFL, 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers

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    Kuan Sanchez, NFL, 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers

    Kuan Sanchez, NFL Player, Pittsburgh Steelers

    2012's 17th Draft Pick was:

    Dre Kirkpatrick




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    he Pittsburgh Steelers fought hard to earn against the Cleveland Browns the win preventing the first losing campaign in nearly a decade. Their consolation prize for not making the playoffs, is the 17th selction in the 2013 NFL Draft.

    After an encouraging victory, salary cap concerns have many investing a lot of hope in the upcoming draft class. The Steelers will see three defensive starters become unrestricted free agents, and four offensive starters from the 2012 season. In addition, both backup quarterbacks, reserve center and multiple key restricted free agents, the Steelers will have plenty of needs to address this offseason.

    Rest assured, fans and the press will begin their mock drafts now that the season is officially over, to verify their self-proclaimed scouting expertise. The Steelers coaches and front office will do the same, although their best player available drafting strategy usually blows most speculations to smithereens.

    At least everyone can agree on where the next Steelers legend will be selected.

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    Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Picks, Free Agents Who Failed to Live Up to Hype

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    The classic rock song “Renegade,” the anthem of the Steelers’ defense, blasted over the loud speakers, fans were decked out in black and gold, and there was excitement and anticipation in the air.

    It might sound like the atmosphere at Heinz Field on game day, but instead it was the crowd at Jergel’s Rhythm Grille on hand to watch Steelers’ defensive end Brett Keisel shave his beard. Yes, a packed house to watch someone shave their beard.

    “This is what makes Pittsburgh special,” said Keisel. “It’s awesome to see Pittsburgh come out again in such droves to support such a great cause. They have grasped on to this idea and really made it what it is today. If the fans didn’t respond to it the way they did, I wouldn’t do it.”

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    Pittsburgh Steelers Draft Picks, Free Agents Who Failed to Live Up to Hype

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