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Thread: Looks Like the 17th Pick

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    Looks Like the 17th Pick

    According to reports, looks like the Steelers will be picking 17th overall. Here is a link to a list of 17th overall selections:


    The best is probably Emmitt Smith. Charles Johnson is a name from the past that jumps out. Overall, there are a lot of solid players that have been taken at 17, but few stars.

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    Getting a player like Nate Solder or Mike Iupati would be pretty sweet. Best choice is Chance Warmack.

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    I think a lot depends on what happens with guys like Keenan Lewis and Mike Wallace. If either guy leaves, his position shoots up among the top team needs. Ultimately, the Steelers will take the BPA at a position of need, but locking up Lewis could remove CB as one of those positions.

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    I would be willing to sacrifice several older players to lock up Keenan Lewis and prepare for the future. As much as the fans would hate it, a 2 or 3 year stretch of not competing for the Super Bowl may be neccessary to get this team back on track for the future.

    There are 7 current defensive starters who almost certainly can not be counted on to be in the long term plans after the next 2 or 3 years:
    Polamalu, Clark, Ike, Foote, Harrison, Hampton, Keisel

    The offensive side of the ball is generally a couple of years younger, but...

    Ben, Colon, Starks, and Miller are all 30/31 years old next year and have significant injuries or injury histories.

    I would bite the bullet and start preparing for that future now. Hampton and Foote are FAs, and while still solid contributors, should not be resigned. Their money should go to Keenan Lewis. That will leave some holes where they were, but it needs to be done.

    Will Allen and Ryan Munday should be allowed to walk and their spots filled by rookies. Ditto with Charlie Batch and Mendenhall.

    Doug Legursky can be kept cheap, and Ramon Foster should get a solid offer to be the starting guard opposite DeCastro next year. Dwyer and Redman should get moderate offers, and same with McClendon. I believe they all still need to show more to earn a strong pay day.

    Starks needs to be kept for maybe 2 more years.

    So all of that leaves me with this...

    In the early rounds we need to target 1 safety, and maybe 2. An ILB is a priority now with the uncertain future of Spence (that really hurts since they tried to prepare for Foote's departure once already).

    If there is a stud OG or OT in round 1 or 2, I would draft them.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oviedo View Post
    Getting a player like Nate Solder or Mike Iupati would be pretty sweet. Best choice is Chance Warmack.
    2011 was a great year for teams needing offensive linemen. And the last two years featured really deep drafts.

    2013 probably won't be as strong. But I haven't been following college ball too much this year - I could be wrong about that.

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    I would like us to select Barkavious Mingo or Okafor with the 17th pick.

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    I would take Warmack or Williams.

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    I think the steelers have done well trying to fix the o-line over the last few drafts. it's just the injuries can't keep the guys on the field. I think the focus must be on defense in this draft. too many aging vets and several starters are likely gone. I think foote, hampton and harrison are certainly in the cross hairs. not sure what keisel's status is but that's another that needs to be looked at. add in our issues with CB and LB and the list goes on and on. There is not one position on defense that is secure right now.

    we need to stop being a statistical #1 and start being a physical #1 again.


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    Alot of the 'replacement players' might already be on the roster if some of the vets go.

    Harrison- Worilds
    Foote- Spence?
    Keisel- Heyward
    Hampton- TaŠmu, Fangupo, McLendon
    Ike- Cortez Allen
    Keenan Lewis- Cortez Allen
    Colon- ?
    Starks- Adams/Gilbert
    Wallace- Sanders? Plex perhaps?
    Troy & Clark- ????

    Looking at the list, Safety (be it FS or SS), NT, OG, WR & ILB seem the most questionable, long term. For Chadman, WR can be 'immediately fixed' by bringing back Sanders & Plax. No doubt a long-term option to be our #1 WR is required though- and the first 3 rounds of this draft seem a likely spot to find one. ILB can be manned by Foote, as was proven this season, and give Spence a year to get back from injury. Not sure that Foote would cost THAT much to bring back, plus he adds some vet leadership which was lost through Farrior. Could be tempting to draft another ILB like Teo, if he's available (unlikely), but will the Steelers be so quick to give up on Spence? NT is a big question mark because no player behind Hampton has really established themselves. There are 3 talented guys on the roster, but none scream out that they are THE GUY. Would not be surprised to see either a high draft pick, or a FA NT this season. OG- if the Steelers lose Foster (likely) and are 'forced' to stick with Colon (who played alright until injury), they'll need to think about adding another young guy. They could be in line to select the #1 OG on the board in Womack, which won't be a sexy pick, but might be the best value pick, long term. This will allow the team to move on from Colon either after June 1, or after next season, depending on Womack's development. There is NOBODY at either Safety position backing up Troy or Clark that looks like a long term replacement. There could be a couple of young safeties added this season, quite possibly early.

    Last position that might be a sneaky need is TE. If Heath isn't good to go at the start of next season- who is our starting TE? Paulson? Pope?
    Early Addition Mock (3 Round Version)

    Fix the Run Defence Mode:

    1. DaRon Payne
    2. Josey Jewell
    3 Kerryon Johnson


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